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Boral Cultured Stone

Boral cultured stone from ProCoat Systems provides the look of natural stone at an affordable price. Available in a variety of designs to add a durable, authentic look to your building project, natural stone veneer is lightweight, and about one-quarter the heaviness of natural stone, installing quickly and easily to most walls surfaces with minimal reinforcement. 

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Boaral Cultured Stone

Why Choose Boral Cultured Stone?

Boral is a pioneer in the stone veneer industry. It has been the preferred manufacturer of cultured stone products for over 50 years, helping builders and architects who value aesthetics, efficiency, and precision achieve stunning finished results. Boral products are meticulously engineered, encompassing an expansive array of styles, and enabling you to bring your vision to life with cultured stone.

Which High-Performance Boral Veneer Best Highlights Your Project?

Boral cultured stone is the perfect way to enhance the visual and tactile appeal of your building architecture and comes in many designs inspired by various time periods and geographic locations across the globe.

    • Country Ledgestone
      A popular, easy to install option available in many shades.
    • Ancient Villa Ledgestone
      A rustic blend of irregular and regular shapes.
    • Del Mare Ledgestone
      Inspired by the Mediterranean coasts, Del Mare Ledgestone adds texture and visual interest to any project.
    • Drystack Ledgestone
      The rustic shades of Drystack Ledgestone capture light and shadow, adding visual interest with varying stone sizes and depths. 
    • European Castle Stone
      European Castle Stone embodies the elegant looks of Old-World stonework.
    • Southern Ledgestone
      The rugged, rough-textured informal appeal and irregular shapes in classic Southern Ledgestone can be used to achieve many looks, whether tightly-spaced or mortared.
    • Pro-Fit Ledgestone
      The refined looks and easy installation of Pro-Fit Ledgestone make it a popular choice. Its textured pieces of the same height make it an ideal solution for tight fits and intricate designs.
    • Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone
      Sleek and modern, precisely textured Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone works well indoors and out. 
    • Pro-Fit Modera Ledgestone
      Easily achieve a modern, tailored look with the sleek, modular design of Pro-Fit Modera Ledgestone.
    • Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone
      The modern lines of Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone incorporate just the right touch of textural interest.
    • Handmade Brick
      A classic look inspired by the old brick structures of the American East Coast.
    • Used Brick
      Add the classic warmth and charm of New England brickwork to any design. Perfect for adding an industrial vibe to any project.
    • Cast Fit
      Impart an understated, luxurious, modern look with the muted tones of this stone. .
    • Textured Cast Fit
      A large format ledgestone with a subtle, weathered feel, perfect for adding a tactile appeal.
    • Coral Stone
      The fossil patterns in this stone add a contemporary touch to residential or commercial building designs.
    • Sculpted Ashlar
      The perfect mix of classic charm and sleek, modern lines. Sculpted Ashlar is ideal for lending a natural warmth to interior and exterior features. 
    • Hewn Stone
      The smooth colors and rough texture of Boral Hewn Stone impart a modern castle-like feel.
    • Limestone
      Add an authentic touch with Boral’s Limestone veneer, molded from limestone quarried in the upper Midwest.
    • Old Country Fieldstone
      Add old country charm to your 21st-century building with this versatile stone veneer.
    • Dressed Fieldstone
      Enhance any natural environment with the look of dressed fieldstone.
    • Rockface
      The perfect blend of old world and contemporary, Rockface is inspired by medieval ruins, yet works well in modern residential, landscaping, and commercial applications. 
    • Cobblefield
      Impart a rugged look reminiscent of the architecture of rural 19th century America.
    • River Rock
      The timeless, organic appeal of river rocks are perfect for any nature-inspired project.
    • Stream Stone
      The rounded design of Stream Stone adds an organic feel, reminiscent of a riverbed. 

Stone Veneer Accessories

Boral also offers accessories to match their expansive product line, including:

    • Sills or water tables
    • Lintels
    • Keystones
    • Capstones
    • Sloped wall caps
    • Pier caps
    • Hearthstones
    • Electrical boxes
    • Trim

Boral cultured stone offers an expansive variety of ledgestone looks. Which will be best for finishing your upcoming design? Ensure stunning finished results with cultured stone by Boral from ProCoat Systems today.

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