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Add durability and beauty to your structure with ProStone Stone Veneer from ProCoat Systems. Authentic and appealing, yet affordable, ProStone stone veneer helps you ensure lasting looks without compromising on quality. Their collection is molded from real stone, featuring a remarkably detailed, lifelike texture that looks amazing from every angle.

Why Choose ProStone by Boral?

ProStone veneer comes in an array of sizes and options perfect for complementing a variety of design styles indoors and out, from residential to commercial. Durable and lasting, ProStone stone veneer deliver lasting looks with minimal maintenance, meeting today’s most stringing code requirements and backed by a 50-year limited warranty. A sustainable solution, ProStone products are made from 54% pre-consumer waste, boasting the industry’s highest recycled materials content.

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The ProStone Stone Veneer Collection

Western Collection

Available nationwide.

  • Aged Ledgestone
    Instill a feeling of lasting permanence with the weathered, well-worn looks of Aged Ledgestone.
  • Easy Fit Savannah Ledge
    Add color and shadow with ruggedly textured Easy Fit Savannah Ledge. This stone works well with a variety of designs. It is tightly fitted and comes grouped in modular components of equal heat for fast, easy installation.
  • Fieldstone
    Specially designed with an array of natural stone shapes and a wide range of colors, Fieldstone is the perfect way to add a natural touch to any project.
  • Ledgestone
    This popular stone style is richly textured with subtle variations of color, making a dramatic design statement.
  • River Rock
    Add a natural touch with randomly shaped River Rock, smoothed by years beneath a forest riverbed. This timeless choice makes an excellent accent for a variety of interior and exterior designs.
  • Tuscan Cobble
    With a simple cut and appealing look, Tuscan Cobble works well in both residential and commercial settings.

Carolina Collection

This ProStone Stone Veneer is only available in select locations.

  • Easy Fit Savannah Ledge
    The rugged texture of Easy Fit Savannah Ledge is the perfect way to add color and shadow to your design, working well with a variety of styles. It is designed for a tight fit and arrives grouped in modular components of equal heat for fast, easy installation.
  • Field Rubble
    The unique shape of Field Rubble stones makes them a versatile solution for a range of design styles, from contemporary to traditional.
  • Ledgestone
    This popular stone makes a dramatic design statement, featuring a rich texture with subtle variations of color.
  • Rough Ledge
    The rugged texture and irregular stone shapes of Rough Ledge impart a distinctive informal look that works well both indoors and out.

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