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Eldorado Stone Veneer

Eldorado Stone veneer from ProCoat Systems offers some of the most believable architectural stone veneer on the market. Creating stone veneer that looks as authentic, natural, and beautiful as real stone, Eldorado excels at handcrafting authentic products that elevate the quality and style of structures, backing their incredible stone selection with one of the most extensive warranties in the industry. The company has been a preferred provider for industry-leading architects, designers, and construction professionals for over 45 years

Why Choose Eldorado Stone Veneer?

Eldorado strives to provide high-quality, beautiful stone veneer at an attainable price. A division or Boral, North America’s family of premium stone veneer brands, every piece of Eldorado stone is cast from a mold of actual natural stone. Each piece is hand-selected for size, shape, texture, and detail, and later recreated using state-of-the-art molds that capture even the smallest stone details. Hand-painted by highly-trained craftsman with premium-quality natural mineral oxides, Eldorado stone veneer possesses unsurpassed color, imparting a rich, authentic look to any design.

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The Eldorado Stone Veneer Lineup

Eldorado offers one of the most extensive product lines worldwide, featuring over 150 color palettes, 20 national and 30 regional profiles, including:

  • Bluffstone
    This narrow ledgestone is perfect for achieving a tight, dry-stacked look. It ranges in length from 7 to 21-inches, with an average size of 3-by-14, and comes in a warm palette of tinted greys with hints of wine and apricot.
  • Cliffstone
    Cliffstone has a versatile profile that allows for the creation of countless designs. It is a lovely complement to modern looks with its flat-planed facing and distinctive texture.
  • CoastalReef
    Accent your design with the look of ocean-worn coral. This precision-cut stone features a deeply faceted texture and beautiful range of color in tones of pearl and ecru. It is available in lengths of 4 to 16-inches and heights of 4 to 12-inches.
  • Country Rubble
    Country Rubble instills the feel of provincial Europe when period architecture represented a simpler way of life. With a rough-faced surface inspired by regional colors, the randomness of the stones, which range from 2 to 18-inches high and 4 to 18-inches long, reflect a simple, rustic beauty, imparting the timeless feel of the European countryside.
  • Cut Coarse Stone
    Reminiscent of saw-cut Turkish limestone, the muted color palette of Cut Coarse Stone mimics natural limestone, with a highly textural, yet contemporary linear style. It is perfect for clean, dry-stack applications, featuring a versatile design scaled for efficient installation on commercial and residential exteriors and interiors. It is offered in varying heights of 3, 6, and 9-inches, and lengths of 12 to 24-inches.
  • Cypress Ridge
    Cypress Ridge is inspired by Italian and Provencal architecture, reflecting the poetic harmony and enduring facade of age-old hilltop villages. It features a combination of irregularly shaped stones and colors ranging from earthy browns and faint olive greens to sundrenched golds.
  • European Ledge
    This modern stone fusion blends old-world stonework with modern design elements, balancing a weather-worn surface texture of varying depths and lengths with a precisely cut height. A modern interpretation of split-face travertine, it can be assembled into a tightly stacked design, adding a distinctive yet timeless feel to any interior or exterior surface.
  • Fieldledge
    This hybrid mix blends horizontally-oriented fieldstone and ledgestone. With an old-world appeal and a modern, smooth face, it transitions between a rustic look and articulated edge. Heights range from 1.5 to 15-inches, with lengths from 5 to 18. Available in lovely tones ranging from cool to warm grey with subtle tones of sepia, chestnut, umber, khaki, ochre, and olive.
  • Hillstone
    This distinctive, hand-blended mix ranges in height from 1 to 12-inches and in length from 3 to 18-inches. Rugged and rustic, it imparts the feel of the Tuscan countryside, with a base color of raw linen interspersed with generous ribbons of sage, tan, and ochre.
  • LedgeCut33
    Designed for dry-stack installations, LedgeCut33 is available in a 3-inch height with cuts of 12, 18, and 24-inch lengths. Individual pieces ensure natural, authentic finished results.
  • Limestone
    This medium-scaled tailored stone is the perfect finishing touch for traditional, formal designs. Each is hand-dressed, chiseled into a rectangular ashlar profile with a textured facing. Stones range in size from 2 to 8-inches tall and 4 to 17-inches long, with an average size of 6-by-12. Available in a variety of versatile palettes ranging from cream and light coffee tones to golden umber, rusty sienna, and deeper moss greens.
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  • Longitude24
    The large, silky surface of Longitude24 stone veneer in natural tones of grey and cream imparts a calming ambiance. Use alone or in combination for a unique look.
  • Marquee24
    A popular choice, this extraordinarily versatile limestone veneer features sleek 12-by-24-inch stones. Their authentic texture, with the subtle looks of natural cut limestone, is favored in a variety of designs from residences to churches and skyscrapers.
  • MountainLedge
    The contemporary looks of MountainLedge add warmth and texture. Available in a wide variety of earth tone palettes, veneer are sized for easy selection and reduced installation costs, ranging size from 1 to 4-inches high and 4 to 8-inches long.
  • MountainLedge Panels
    Shaped like MountainLedge stone, MountainLedge panels feature a pre-cast panel system design for ease of installation where larger stones are needed for greater height or expanse. They offer the same appearance as individual hand-laid, dry-stacked ledgestone.
  • Ridgetop18
    A beautiful blend of modern and traditional, Ridgetop18 features a large 9-by-18 stone face with a medium rocky texture and monochromatic color tone. It’s cut perfectly for tight stacking.
  • River Rock
    This full-sized stone comes in sizes up to 15-inches, recreating the essences of river rock with deep, naturally rounded stones. Stones are individually selected for irregularity and water-worn, textural detail.
  • RoughCut
    RoughCut mimics limestone with a roughly cleaved, pronounced face featuring embedded fossilized artifacts. It makes a bold, traditional statement with its clean contemporary lines. Stones range in size from 2 to 11-inches tall to 2 to 18+ inches wide in tones of blond, russet, and cool grey.
  • Rustic Ledge
    The textured layers of this full-scale ledgestone, with its long-dimensional profile split along parallel lines, pronounced rock cleavage, and foliation, add a distinctive touch. Stones vary from 1 to 4.5-inches tall and 6 to 20-inches long, averaging 3-by-15.
  • Shadow Rock
    Aptly named, the striking shadowing of Shadow Rock give this stone a dramatic appearance. It imparts exceptional dimension and texture, with crisp angular facets and extraordinary depth. Stones range from 2 to 10-inches high and 5 to 24-inches long. With a feel of masonry craftsmanship, it is a versatile stone, blending well into many designs, from the rustic to the contemporary.
  • SierraCut24
    One of Eldorado’s largest, most distinctive stones, SierraCut24 features a heavy rock texture that imparts a strong presence. It stacks beautifully, and is fantastic for use as a foundational design element, or to create a grand façade, making it a favorite for covering the surfaces of religious buildings and monuments.
  • Stacked Stone
    Classic and elegant, the intricate detail and small footprint of Stacked Stone delivers the appearance of precisely laid, dry-stacked stone. Courtesy of Eldorado’s panel system design, installation is a snap. 4, 8, 12, and 20-inch lengths make installation a breeze, even on the most expansive walls and towering columns.
  • Vantage30
    The unique planked appearance of Vantage30 offers sleek 30-inch lines with gentle textural surfacing for visual interest and movement. Features uniform stacking for a clean, tight installation.
  • Vintage Ranch
    This American classic adds a warm and inviting touch, featuring a timeless texture that imitates the looks of reclaimed barn wood. 2, 4, and 6-inch height variations add subtle depth variations and visual interest. Designed as a panelized system for faster installation.
  • Zen24
    These large format tiles feature a light texture, much like the lightly raked sand of zen gardens.

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