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Exercise Personal Design Creativity with Quality Interior Veneer Stone

ProCoat - June 18, 2018

real stone veneerToday’s stone veneers, whether produced from natural or manufactured stone, can add a stunning measure of beauty, style, and the ambiance of your choosing to any setting. Interior veneer stone may create a lodge-like feel to a family or living room with a new fireplace surround or an elegant, an outdoor spa atmosphere to a bathroom, or an elegant ambiance with a new stone bedroom wall.

The styles, textures, and colors available in today’s interior stone veneers can produce virtually any style a home or business owner’s imagination can conceive. ProCoat Systems of Denver represents the world’s leading innovators in manufactured stone veneers. Their products replicate the appearance of natural stone such as granite, limestone, marble, or slate.

High-quality stone veneer is easily applied with far less waste than natural stone and at a lower cost.

Unique Interior Veneer Stone Applications

Besides living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, interior designers are visualizing other unique applications to add drama to any home or office space. By coordinating with the existing architecture and color schemes, spaces such as stairwells, alcoves, entryways, and highlight walls can bring the outside in and emit a strong natural aura to the space.

Whether owners choose to install stone veneer themselves or look to professional installers, the project requires precision and attention to detail to achieve the desired result.

Installing Interior  Stone Veneer

The first consideration for stone veneer installation is to make sure the wall or substrate will be strong enough to support the weight of the stone products. The square foot weight of the stone, mortar, and lath can be as much as 25 pounds per square foot.

Normally, stone veneer can be placed over either wood or metal framed walls or masonry substrates.

If you are in doubt about the integrity of the wall or substrate, contact an expert to assess the wall structure to make sure the wall is strong enough to support the extra weight.

Boral’s Cultured Stone® veneer installation instructions involve the following steps:

  • Wall Preparation: 2 layers of Water Resistive Barrier plus weep screed to drain away moisture from the new veneer
  • Lath Installation: In compliance with building codes, lath can be metal, woven wire, welded wire, or fiberglass.
  • Apply Scratch Coat: Encapsulate the lath with a full mortar scratch coat to enhance adhesion and prevent the intrusion of moisture and air.
  • Setting Bed: Make sure the stone is clean, use quality mortar, and mix exactly per instructions. Apply mortar in 5-foot square sections to a ½” to ¾” thickness. Apply a thin layer to the back of each stone piece and set.

Contact ProCoat Systems

Experts in the installation of all types of architectural coatings, the professionals at ProCoat advise and assist in the material selection and strategies for the installation of interior stone veneer.

For more information, phone ProCoat at (303)-322-9009.



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