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realstone™ slate fireplace stone veneer

Installing a Fireplace Rock Veneer: Know Before You Go

ProCoat - February 19, 2019

realstone™ slate fireplace stone veneer
Instead of tearing out and replacing that outdated fireplace that makes your home seem old and boring, consider a fireplace rock veneer from ProCoat in Salt Lake City. ProCoat has the answer to the style and budget questions that have been nagging you since you first became aware your fireplace needed help.

Keep the fireplace. However, with rock veneer from Procoat Systems, you can transform its look into a more modern and appealing architectural feature or a delightfully cozy focal point. When you select from among ProCoat System’s Fireplace rock veneer or cultured stone, expert installers or do-it-yourselfers can recreate any style you choose, from rustic to avante gard.

Moreover, a fireplace rock veneer surround is far less expensive and disruptive than tearing out and completely replacing that discolored brick from the 1960’s.

Installation Preparation

Correctly installing a new stone veneer fireplace surround or facing, whether with real or cultured material, is not extremely difficult. The process does require following very specific guidelines to ensure the desired result and permanence.

To achieve the natural stone look, manufacturers produce individual pieces in varying shapes and sizes. A good starting point for the installer is to arrange the pieces into the desired arrangement on the floor to simulate the appearance you want when mounted around the fireplace opening. Leave about ½” grout space between all pieces unless the stone can be dry stacked. Veneer pieces can be cut or shaped by scoring with a grinder. Then strike them with a brick hammer to yield a natural looking edge.

Preping the area to be covered is probably the most difficult part of the installation, and where some mason experience or at least more detailed advice than can be covered in this blog. ProCoat product specialists in Salt Lake City or Colorado can provide step by step guidance for the determined DIYer or contractor breaking into the business.

Order of Installation

Installation should begin at the edges of the fireplace openings. Once the opening is surrounded, the installation should move to the outer boundary of the surround.

Once the boundaries are in place, the installer will fill in the remaining open spaces with evenly sized pieces, being careful not to clump large or small pieces together.

Installation of the Stone Veneer Pieces

Before applying the mortar to the back of the stone, dampen each piece with water. Then using an appropriately sized notch trowel, apply mortar to each piece. The stone pieces can be cut or shaped when necessary. Place each piece firmly against the mortared metal lath, wiggling to ensure a tight bond.

Once the stones are set, clean the joints and brush away extraneous mortar particles. Allow the newly installed rock veneer to cure overnight.

Finally, grout the joints with veneer mortar. Allow this to cure for about an hour, then shape and brush the grouting to provide a finished look. Wait another 48 hours before enjoying your new fireplace.

Call ProCoat in Salt Lake City
This is a quick overview of the steps required for a successful installation of a new rock veneer for your old fireplace surround. For more detailed information contact the product experts at ProCoat in Salt Lake City at 801.410.4345.

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