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Installing Quality Stone Veneer for Maximum Beauty and Durability

ProCoat - June 7, 2018
stone veneers


Stone veneer products add elegance and style to any interior or exterior space.

Create a dramatic focal point in your living area with a stylish and beautiful new fireplace surround made of high-quality stone veneer. Add class and a natural outdoor feel to your bathroom or family room with a brand new stone cladding.

Or, on the outside, install a stone veneer wainscoting to brighten that dull siding and enhance the curb appeal and add real value to your home. Or, consider creating a stone clad fireplace and new walls to your backyard living and cooking space.

Available in a wide range of stone styles, textures, and colors, homeowners can create the ambiance of their dreams with high-quality stone veneer applications from ProCoat Systems in Denver.

Why Stone Veneer?

Whether natural or manufactured stone, cutting or shaping the material into easy-to-manage formats has become the norm. Compared to whole natural stone, the process of creating individual pieces into a veneer that is approximately two inches or so in thickness allows for:

  • Reduced waste
  • Lower transport costs
  • Reduced the mess around the worksite
  • Less weight and very little cutting
  • Quicker and easier installation
  • Not requiring a professional stone mason to cut and shape each stone
  • A less expensive application compared to whole natural stone

Even though the implementation is more straightforward with stone veneer products, the project must be appropriately handled with precision and attention to detail to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting result. For answers to questions concerning stone veneer installation, contact the ProCoat Systems specialists.

How are Stone Veneer Products Installed?

The critical starting point is to select the right stone veneer products. ProCoat of Denver has partnered with the top stone veneer producers in the industry and can offer the product with all of the properties of color, texture, size, and stone type that you can imagine.

A second consideration is to plan ahead to ensure that the potential for moisture and water intrusion behind the construction is eliminated. If you are not sure how this is done, contact an experienced installer.

With that concern in mind, here a few additional tips for a quality installation:

  1. Wherever the stone veneer will approach a juncture at a window or door, , for example, the installer should leave a gap of about 3/8” in which to install a backer rod that will prevent water from seeping behind the veneer to weaken the structure.
  2. Flashing is vital in any construction to eliminate the introduction of water around joints and junctures, mainly from above. Make sure the flashing is sized correctly so that a substantial rainstorm cannot penetrate behind the stone veneer where spaces are not protected.
  3. Weep Holes provide an added insurance against accumulating moisture. If water should find its way behind the veneer, the weep holes at the bottom of the construction will allow the moisture to escape. Keeping moisture and mold from developing is the most important part of the installation process.

Contact ProCoat Systems

For the highest quality stone veneers, contact ProCoat Systems of Denver and Salt Lake City. The professionals at ProCoat will be pleased to discuss your vision and provide expert advice, materials, and tools to realize your dream.

Visit the ProCoat website or phone ProCoat Systems at (303)-322-9009.


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