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ProCoat Systems SLC – Getting The Details Wrong on a Stone Veneer Installation Can Break Your Reputation

ProCoat - May 19, 2016

Stone VeneerImproperly applied stone veneer in Salt Lake City’s region will eventually fail if penetrated by water. When it comes to being endangered by water behind the installation, stone veneer has a lot in common with traditional stucco and EIFS stucco installations.

That similarity is why we carry all of these product categories at ProCoat Systems SLC. The similarities between these cladding systems also lead to common installation failure points that can be laid at the feet of improper application. ProCoat Systems is dedicated to helping you avoid common mistakes of stone veneer in Salt Lake City that we’ve seen.


One of the most common mistakes made in the application of stone veneer in Salt Lake City is in bringing the stone too close to the soil or hard surfaces. When the installation is brought into close contact with either kind of surface, the potential exists for moisture to wick upwards behind the installation from rain or snowmelt splashing back up from the surface.

Of course these mistakes are made because no client wants an exposed bit of foundation peeking out below their stone veneer. The proper technique to extend the installation to the ground, either to soil or to a hardscape, is to have properly installed a water resistant barrier to the foundation’s concrete and running a continuation of the stone veneer from the main body of it, but only after an adequately placed flashing joint has been installed to drain the upper application while blocking back splashing from below. If you need a hands on demonstration of how a two part installation is made to manufacturer’s specifications, contact us.


One of the more ridiculous things we ever see on an improper stone veneer installation in Salt Lake City, is outdoor faucets and dryer vents having not been properly located, or relocated to the exterior edge of the installation. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a stone veneer surround, at depth, partially concealing a wall mounted penetration, or even a cable box that could have easily been moved.

Anything easily removed from the wall prior to installation must be removed to be reinstalled. Faucets and vents need to have their flanges embedded in sealant on the exterior of the stone veneer, and not have ugly cut outs made for these un-relocated penetrations.

If you are a contractor looking to include stone cladding in your list of service offerings, our sales people can provide guidance on the proper installation procedures of any of the cladding products that we carry. The first thing to do is visit our West Valley City store to see the grand selection of stone veneer products we offer and get ideas of what you want to achieve from our experienced technicians. Call 801.410.4345 today to schedule a time to come and see our various stone veneer displays.

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