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Rock-It Contemporary Stone Veneer

Rock-It Contemporary Stone Veneer from ProCoat Systems offers all the qualities of real stone, except the weight. It is masterfully created from full-thickness, top-quality natural stone, providing a higher quality finish than manufactured stone veneer products. It is designed to deliver the benefits of real stone, cut from full thickness building stone to a thin profile. Though it gives the appearance of full-thickness ledgestone, it is lightweight, allowing for fast installation.

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Rock-It Natural Stone

Rock-It Thin Stone Veneer Offers Many Advantages

Rock-It cuts its stone veneer from all-natural building stone using a special diamond-bladed saw to a nominal thickness of 1.25 to 1.5 inches, and an average weight of 10 to 15 lbs./sq.ft., depending on stone style. This process produces a true stone veneer a fraction of the thickness and weight of full-thickness ledgestone, at 3 to 5 inch thick and 45 to 50 lbs./sq. ft.
It installs quickly and easily, with no need for the additional structural support necessary with full-depth ledgestone.

Suitable for interior or exterior use, Rock-It stone veneer is more cost-effective than full-depth stone, requiring less in material costs and shipping due to this lightweight design. Its natural composition safeguards air quality, and thin design limits waste and shipping costs, reducing your carbon footprint to help you achieve LEED certification.

Application Flexibility at Your Fingertips

You can easily install Rock-It stone veneer with no concerns about the weather, from new buildings to remodeling projects, without structural support modifications. It works well with many designs, including those with a narrow ledge, or none at all, dry-stacked or mortared installations, and on structures with or without footings, allowing you to accentuate any design with the stunning looks of natural stone. You can safely use Rock-It veneer with construction or code restrictions relating to weight and height. It is compatible with installation over many common building materials, including brick, concrete, masonry, wood, plywood, drywall, paneling, or metal.

Family Owned and Operated

Producing premium stone products for over 25 years, the Rock-It stone veneer family strives for customer satisfaction. The company’s quality products and reputation for excellence have helped it blossom from a small side business to one of the largest rock producers in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Evolving to offer one of the most expansive selections of naturally mined stones in the U.S., Rock-It offers stunning natural stone veneer from over 23 quarries in 3 states.

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