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Plasters, Stucco and EIFS


The Sto EIFS systems from ProCoat delivers design flexibility, performance, and sustainability.



Reveal the true character of your upcoming project with Texston Plaster from ProCoat Systems.

Texston Products


Quikrete offers a range of high-performance, cost-effective stucco, EIFS, and plaster products.

Quickrete Products


The Sto Stucco line provides the ideal compilation of protective and aesthetic features.

Sto Stucco

ProCoat Offers an Extensive Lineup of Stucco, EIFS & Plaster to Meet Your Needs

Are you looking to purchase stucco, EIFS, or plaster for an upcoming building project? ProCoat offers a wide variety of options from industry leaders Sto Stucco, StoTherm, and Texston. Our building cladding solutions are a welcome alternative to siding, giving you nearly limitless design flexibility and delivering attractive, lasting performance. Which ProCoat solution is best for your upcoming project?

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Stucco, Plaster & EIFS

sto stucco products


Also known as Portland cement plaster, stucco is typically applied over wire lath. It has been a trusted choice in building design for centuries, though technological advances have improved stucco products in recent years. Stucco Systems from ProCoat offers today's most advanced stucco technology, providing a surface that is easy to install, highly-resistant to damage and fire, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable. Many options exist for use with a variety of building materials, including wood, brick, stone, concrete, and CMUs, offering nearly limitless color and texture combinations. Which solution is best for your upcoming design?

    • StoPowerwall ExtraSeal
      Single-component trowel-applied stucco system for CMU walls.
    • Sto Powerwall DrainScreen
      Superior moisture and air control.
    • Sto Powerwall ci
      The grand trifecta of moisture, air, and thermal control.
    • Sto Powerwall
      Impact-resistant for extreme durability.
    • StoQuik Silver
      High-impact, high-performance cement board stucco system with superior air and moisture control.
    • StoPowerflex Elastomeric Finishes
      Camouflage hairline cracks with the StoPowerflex line.
    • Sto Armor Guard
      Sto Armor Guar imparts added strength and stability.
    • Deflect
      Advanced protection against moisture damage and penetration.

texston plaster


Venetian-style plasters can be used for interior or exterior applications to impart a classic, elegant look. The Texston line of plaster from ProCoat Systems is environmentally-friendly and sustainably produced, available in a variety of colors, textures, styles, and effects. Add a distinctive touch to your project with:

    • Texston Artisan Plasters
      • Frascatti
        Use Frascatti as a base coat, achieving multiple decorative effects using this acrylic-based, wet-paste plaster with natural dolomite aggregate.
      • GlassStone
        Add a unique luster with this mica flake and glass sphere infused formula.
      • Impasto
        An ideal structuring medium, this acrylic-gesso paste can be used to create smooth or dimensional textures.
      • SilkStone
        Add a unique monochromatic or multicolored metallic sheen with this mica flake infused formula.
      • Shellstone
        Choose from small, medium, or large mica flakes in tones of copper, bronze, gold, silver, or black to impart a metallic luminescence with this acrylic-based paste.
    • Texston Liquid PlasterA 100% natural, heavyweight paint available in a range of neutral tones, providing a variety of finishing possibilities from opaque to multilayered color combinations.
    • Texston Ortex Stucco Color Coat
      Achieve a variety of effects, imparting a hard, smooth, troweled-finished, or a gritty, naturally-aged look to complement your design.

Sto eifs synthetic stucco


EIFS has been in use in America since the 1960s. This versatile cladding solution offers a wide range of benefits, delivering a superior R-value and affordable, energy-efficient performance. The StoTherm ci line of EIFS from ProCoat Systems provides improved indoor air quality and comfort, ensuring the lasting performance you need for a project that stands out from the competition. Shop our wide selection of EIFS solutions:

    • StoTherm ci Mineral
      A mechanically-attached exterior wall cladding system with superior air and weather tightness.
    • StoTherm ci XPS
      Advanced drainage and fire-resistant capabilities.
    • StoTherm ci
      An EPS-based, high-performance exterior wall cladding system featuring advanced drainage capabilities.

quickcrete stucco, eifs and plaster

Stucco, EIFS, & Plaster Products

Quikrete Stucco Solutions
    • Stucco & Mortar Color
      Customize the color of your stucco or mortar with Quikrete Stucco & Mortar Color liquid coloring agent.
    • Stucco – Scratch and Brown Base Coat #1139
      A cement-based scratch and brown coat for adding or repairing stucco walls.
    • Stucco – Base Coat #1139
      A Portland cement-based stucco for the repair or construction of stucco walls.
    • Stucco – Base Coat – Fiber Reinforced #1139-78
      This synthetic fiber-reinforced, Portland cement-based stucco resists cracking and sagging and is suitable for use in stucco wall construction and repair.
    • Stucco - Base Coat – Pump Grade #1139-86
      With special additives to prevent moisture loss and increase workability, this Portland cement-based, pump-grade stucco can be used for 2-coat applications as the initial layer, or as a scratch/brown coat in 3-coat applications. Suitable for application over galvanized expanded metal lath and solid bases, including masonry, pre-cast, and cast-in-place concrete.
    • Stucco – One Coat Fiberglass Reinforced #1200
      This alkali-resistant, fiber-glass reinforced Portland cement-based stucco is designed for one-coat applications. Sanded version available.
    • Stucco Patch – Pre-Mixed #8650
      Repair cracks, breaks and holes up to 1/4in thick with this ready-made acrylic latex formula.
    • Stucco Repair #8650
      This weather-resistant formula offers excellent adhesion and flexibility, easily filling cracks up to 1/2in wide. Also available in a sanded version.
Quikrete Plaster Solutions
    • Portland Cement #1124
      The perfect blend of Portland cement and hydrated lime.
    • Portland Lime Cement #1125-20
      This ready to mix formula is ASTM C-150 and Federal Specifications compliant, and ready to mix with mortar, concrete, and base coat stucco. Available in Type I, I/II, and III formulations.
Quikrete EIFS & Masonry Solutions
    • Mason Mix #1136
      A dry, pre-blended mix specially designed for masonry applications featuring high-strength, commercial-grade sand and cement. Just add water, and you’re ready to go.
    • Masonry Cement #1125
      This masonry cement is ASTM C-91 and Federal Specifications-compliant, and available in Type S, N, and M formulations.
    • Mortar Mix #1102
      This mortar mix delivers the ideal blend of masonry cement and graded sand. It is ASTM C-270 compliant for Type N mortar.
    • Mortar Repair #8620
      Choose this sanded acrylic formula for brick, block, concrete, and stone applications, blending it into surrounding mortar for seamless repairs.
    • Veneer Stone Mortar #1137
      A pre-blended Portland cement and hydrated lime-based mortar providing superior bond strength for veneer applications and tuckpointing stone. It exceeds ASTM C-270 requirements for Type S mortar and is available in 3,000lb bulk bags.
    • Natural Stone Veneer Mortar #1137-88
      This contractor-grade, Type M mixture is designed for veneer applications and tuckpointing natural stone. It can also be used as a bond, scratch, and brown coat, and a joint mortar grout over masonry and lath.
    • Veneer Stone Mortar – Polymer Modified #1137
      A pre-blended Portland cement and hydrated lime-based mortar specially formulated to provide superior bond strength in veneer applications and tuckpointing stone. Exceeds ASTM C-270 for Type S mortar.
    • Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout #1585-01
      This expansive, high-strength, non-metallic, Portland cement-based all-purpose grout is non-shrinking and highly stable. Mix it to a plastic, flowable, or fluid consistency for use in projects with high load transfers. Formula meets ASMT C-1107 and Army CRD-621.

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