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Quikrete Stucco, EIFS & Plaster

Quikrete offers a range of high-performance, cost-effective stucco, EIFS, and plaster products for your upcoming build. It is the largest manufacturer of packaged concrete and cement mixes in North America. With over 100 manufacturing locations in the U.S., Canada, and beyond, and a headquarters in Atlanta, GA, Quikrete gives you fast access to the building materials you need, alongside industry-leading product support.

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Why Choose Quikrete Products?

For more than 75 years, design experts, contractors, builders, plaster and masonry professionals, and DOT engineers have relied on Quikrete products for their affordability and performance. An innovative leader in the building and home improvement industries, Quikrete offers hundreds of professional-grade building products, including materials and accessories through their subsidiaries, providing an in-depth lineup of construction supplies. Their products have been the solution of choice on landmark building projects, from the Statue of Liberty to the Daytona International Speedway.

Quikrete Stucco Solutions

    • Stucco & Mortar Color
      Add a decorative touch to your project with this liquid coloring agent, customizing the color of your stucco or mortar. Available in 20 shades for white or grey base product.
    • Stucco – Scratch and Brown Base Coat #1139
      Add or repair stucco walls with this Portland cement-based scratch and brown coat.
    • Stucco – Base Coat #1139
      A Portland cement-based stucco for the construction and repair of stucco walls.
    • Stucco – Base Coat – Fiber Reinforced #1139-78
      Designed for use in stucco wall construction and repair, this synthetic fiber-reinforced, Portland cement-based stucco resists cracking and sagging.
    • Stucco  - Base Coat – Pump Grade #1139-86
      This Portland cement-based, pump-grade stucco contains special additives to prevent moisture loss and increase workability. Use as a scratch/brown coat in 3-coat applications, or in 2-coat applications as the initial layer. Compatible for use over galvanized expanded metal lath and solid bases, including masonry, pre-cast, and cast-in-place concrete.
    • Stucco – One Coat Fiberglass Reinforced #1200
      A fiber-glass reinforced, alkali-resistant Portland cement-based stucco for one-coat applications. Also available in a sanded version.
    • Stucco Patch – Pre-Mixed #8650
      This ready-made acrylic latex formula is perfect for repairing cracks, breaks, and holes up to 1/4in. thick.
    • Stucco Repair #8650
      A weather-resistant formula with excellent adhesion and flexibility, ideal for filling cracks up to 1/2in. wide. Also available in a sanded version.

 Quikrete EIFS & Masonry Solutions

    • Mason Mix #1136
      A dry, pre-blended mix featuring high-strength, commercial-grade sand and cements. Specially designed for masonry applications – just add water.
    • Masonry Cement #1125
      This ASTM C-91 and Federal Specifications-compliant masonry cement is available in Type S, N, and M formulations.
    • Mortar Mix #1102
      The perfect blend of masonry cement and graded sand. ASTM C-270 compliant for Type N mortar.
    • Mortar Repair #8620
      A sanded acrylic formula ideal for use on brick, block, concrete, and stone, designed to blend in seamlessly with surrounding mortar.
    • Veneer Stone Mortar #1137
      Use this pre-blended Portland cement and hydrated lime-based mortar for veneer applications and tuckpointing stone to ensure superior bond strength. Exceeds ASTM C-270 requirements for Type S mortar. 3,000lb. bulk bags available.
    • Natural Stone Veneer Mortar #1137-88
      A contractor-grade, Type M mix for veneer applications and tuckpointing natural stone. Also works as a bond, scratch, and brown coat and a joint mortar grout over masonry and lath.
    • Veneer Stone Mortar – Polymer Modified #1137
      This pre-blended Portland cement and hydrated lime-based mortar is designed for veneer applications and tuckpointing stone, providing superior bond strength. Exceeds ASTM C-270 for Type S mortar.
    • Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout #1585-01
      An expansive, high-strength, non-metallic, Portland cement-based all-purpose grout that can be mixed to a plastic, flowable, or fluid consistency. Non-shrinking and highly stable, it is ideal for use in projects with high load transfers Meets ASMT C-1107 and Army CRD-621.

Quikrete Plaster Solutions

    • Portland Cement #1124
      The ideal blend of Portland cement and hydrated lime.
    • Portland Lime Cement #1125-20
      Ready for mix with concrete, mortar, and base coat stucco. ASTM C-150 and Federal Specifications compliant. Available in Type I, I/II, and III formulations.


Ensure a surface that lasts. Shop the extensive lineup of Quikrete stucco, EIFS, and plaster solutions at ProCoat Systems today.

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