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STO Stucco Systems

STO Stucco Systems provide superior finished results, outperforming traditional stucco when properly integrated into wall construction with code-compliant lath, building paper, wood, metal frame, or CMU backup. The Sto Powerwall line provides the ideal compilation of protective and aesthetic features, including fire and impact-resistance. Which system best meets your application needs?

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Sto Stucco

StoPowerwall ExtraSeal – Single-Component Air Barrier

This single-component trowel-applied stucco system is designed for use with CMU wall construction (concrete and masonry). It works best for the direct application of StoPowerwall stucco to CMU walls, as well as for the protection of Sto high-performance textured finishes. The system includes a StoGuard Air and Moisture Barrier, drainage mat for superior moisture control, and Sto high-performance textured finish.

Sto Powerwall DrainScreen – Superior Moisture & Air Control

Applied with proper flashing over wood and gypsum sheathing, Sto Powerwall DrainScreen Stucco Systems provide superior moisture control. In addition to StoGuard Air and Moisture Barrier, Sto DrainScreen Systems with drainage mat create an air gap that allows for drainage in the event of water penetration. Top this system off with your choice of Sto’s line of high-performance textured finishes for reduced maintenance and lasting good looks.

Sto Powerwall ci – Superior Moisture, Air, & Thermal Control

Sto Powerwall ci Inbound and Outbound Systems deliver superior air, moisture, and thermal control. This system integrates a StoGuard fluid-applied air and moisture barrier with Dow Styrofoam Type IV XPS Rigid Continuous Insulation, DrainScreen advanced cavity wall component drying technology, and Sto high-performance textured finish.

Sto Powerwall

Sto Powerwall Systems are durable and impact-resistant. Like traditional stucco systems, they feature a StoGuard fluid-applied air and moisture barrier, lath, and Sto high-performance basecoat and acrylic/elastomeric finish.

StoQuick Silver – High-Impact, Air & Moisture-Resistant Cement Board Stucco System

StoQuick Silver Systems combine the protection of Sto with the high impact resistance of cement board. Easier to install than traditional stucco, this system includes the advanced protection of StoGuard air and moisture barrier, StoQuick Silver DrainScreen drainage mat technology, StoGuard reinforced base coat, and Sto textured finish. Pair with StoQuick Silver accessories for ease-of-installation:

Sto Mesh Corner Bead

Forget the laborious mesh-wrapping of building corners. Easily create straight corners that resist chipping and cracking in StoQuick Silver installations with Sto Mesh Corner Bead Standard. This cost-effective, easy-to-install alternative trims easily to size, featuring an angled strip of mesh reinforced with a plastic rail for sharp, smooth edges. Compatible with Sto basecoat products, Sto Mesh Corner Bead provides added protection against wear-and-tear and cracking at vulnerable building corners, enhancing the long-term durability of the building façade.

Sto Drip Edge Profile

This PVC accessory controls the direction of dripping water in StoQuick Silver installations, protecting the building interior from moisture intrusion in vulnerable areas. With a reinforcing mesh body, it is easy to apply, providing quick resistance and ensuring straight, clean lines at plaster returns.

Sto High-Performance Stucco Finishes

Available in custom color and finishing options, Sto high-performance finishes delivery lasting color uniformity and longevity. Which coating type is best for your application?

Reduce Cracks

    • StoPowerflex Elastomeric Finishes
      To cover hairline cracks in stucco.
    • Sto Armor Guard
      With woven glass fiber reinforcing mesh for added strength and stability.

Guard Against Moisture

    • Deflect
      Deflect delivers a strong, flexible, water-repellent outer skin, deflecting water and resisting moisture damage and penetration from rain, algae, mold, and mildew.

Ensure a lasting Stucco installation with Sto Stucco and ProCoat Systems. Contact a ProCoat building materials professional today.

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