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Texston Plaster Products

Reveal the true character of your upcoming project with Texston Plaster from ProCoat Systems. Venetian plasters and old-world stuccos have adorned historic surfaces for centuries. With today’s Texston plaster, you too can imbue the classic, elegant looks of these traditional techniques, or explore a new world of aesthetic possibilities. Using stucco techniques and Texston’s vast palette of plaster selections, it's easy to create a bold, unique new look.

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Texston Plaster

A Leader in the Plaster Industry for Over 20 Years

Texston products are chosen by leading architects and designers worldwide. Manufacturing architectural finishes of exceptional quality, Texston surfaces are sought after for their durability, versatility, and world-class customer support. Texston products stand up to the rigors of heat and humidity, freezing climates, constant traffic, and daily wear-and-tear. You can find Texston surfaces in corporate businesses, hotels, restaurants, and casinos, as well as elegant homes, cathedrals, and palaces throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, the Far and Middle East, and across the U.S.

Texston Plaster is Environmentally-Friendly & Sustainably Produced

Texston is committed to producing environmentally friendly, sustainable products, with surfaces made from non-toxic ingredients that are safe for the environment. Their innovative plaster solutions are available in an array of colors, textures, styles, and effects. Using technology that combines old-world manufacturing principles with proprietary and sustainable manufacturing practices, Texston products lower carbon footprint and deliver lasting performance.

Texston Artisan Plasters

Texston offers a variety of artisan-style plasters, allowing you to achieve unique, one-of-a-kind design results:

    • Frascatti
      This wet-paste plaster features an acrylic base and natural dolomite aggregate. It can be used to achieve multiple decorative textures and effects. Ideal for use as a base coat for washes, glazes, and Texston SilkStone, and Veneciao finishes.
    • GlassStone
      Mica flake and glass sphere infused Texston GlassStone plaster allow for the creation of multiple effects, giving off a unique luster.
    • Impasto
      This acrylic-gesso paste is an ideal structuring medium. Use it to create smooth or dimensional textures, imitating antique plasters, Venetian stucco, leather, metal, embossed and relief stencil effects, and more. Note: Interior use only.
    • SilkStone
      The mica flakes in SilkStone provide a unique metallic sheen. It can be tinted to nearly any shade, allowing you to create a variety of looks from monochromatic to multicolored.
    • Shellstone
      This acrylic-based paste imparts a metallic luminescence, courtesy of your choice of small, medium, or large mica flakes in tones of copper, bronze, gold, silver, or black. It is easily tinted to most colors, providing up to 15 decorative combinations from monochromatic to multi-hued.

Texston Liquid Plaster

This 100% natural, heavyweight paint offers a variety of finishing possibilities depending on your chosen application technique and finishing product. Inspired by Texston’s Marmorino and Tadelakt collections, Texston Liquid Plaster is available in a range of neutral tones, and can be used to achieve a variety of looks.

Add an opaque look with a single layer of paint, create added depth with multiple layers, or use it to create the look of concrete without the weight. Finish your look with high-gloss Cerra Wax, or impart a soft shine with Soap de Marseille, making your application water-resistant and washable with SDS Sealer.

Texston Ortex Stucco Color Coat

Texston offers a variety of stucco finishes in addition to its plaster line. Complete the look of your stucco project with a finish reminiscent of the old world, complementing your exterior design with Texston Ortex Stucco Color Coat.

Use Texston Ortex Color Coat to achieve a variety of effects, imparting a hard, smooth, troweled-finished, or a gritty, naturally-aged look. Like the Texston Artisan and Liquid Plaster lines, Ortex Color Coat is available in a range of colors to complement any décor.

Ensure a finished look that reflects the character of your building design. Contact ProCoat Systems to learn more about Texston Plaster solutions today.

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