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What are STO Stucco Systems?

ProCoat - June 19, 2017

stucco systemsSTO Corp has been an innovator of many types of construction exteriors. Rather than producing a single purpose coating to clad the exterior surface of a building, STO manufactures systems consisting of materials that provide sophisticated insulation and moisture barriers, as well. STO Stucco System provides the ultimate in appearance, energy efficiency, ease of application, and moisture resistance. The coating and finish are integrated with other high-performance layers to create just the right combination of insulation,  flexibility, and endurance.

How are the STO Stucco Systems Installed?

The key to permanence among wall claddings is the ability to resist moisture accumulation and the effects of weather. STO’s Powerwall® Stucco Systems have been scientifically developed for low maintenance, durability, and energy efficiency. Consisting of a combination of layers of different materials, each with a particular purpose, the Stucco Systems protect the interior from moisture accumulation and provide a highly efficient energy barrier.

Placed against the interior substrate material. The STO Stucco System consists of the following layers of materials:

  • Air and Moisture Barrier
  • Continuous Insulation
  • Drainage Mat and Cavity
  • Powerwall Stucco
  • Texture Surface

Whether the system is installed from the outside in or inside outward makes no difference. The sequence of the application of the material can be reversed.

When finished, your exterior will look just like regular stucco. But this system performs far better than mere surface materials. You will experience lower energy bills,  a more durable exterior, and plenty of compliments on your beautiful stucco exterior.

Contact ProCoat in Denver

ProCoat Systems is a strategic partner to STO Corp for EIFS and other exterior claddings. Both companies are committed to super efficiency while providing the most beautiful surface available for outdoor use.

For questions about STO Stucco Systems, contact the ProCoat representatives at 303.322.9009.


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