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Procoat Systems Waterproofing: Carlisle to Pecora Crossover for Deck Coatings

ProCoat - March 25, 2013

In the late fall of 2012, Pecora Corporation acquired Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Inc.’s deck coating line. The move allows both companies to concentrate on core focuses. With the move, Carlisle passes its attention away from residential waterproofing while allowing Pecora to give an option to customers for a trusted elastomeric deck coating. The agreement between the two allows the product to have the same consistencies and formulas to have an accurate crossover. At ProCoat Systems, we have welcomed the new addition to Pecora with open arms. Below is a crossover reference to help answer any questions.

Pecora Product Name Carlisle Product Name Description

Pecora Dynatrol II <-> CCW 201 – Two-Component Urethane Joint Sealant

Pecora P-808 <-> CCW 557 – Two-Part Epoxy Primer

Pecora 802T <-> CCW 501T – Detail Coat

Pecora Deck 802 <-> CCW 501 – Base Coat

Pecora Deck 802SP <-> CCW 501SP – Self-Priming Base Coat

Pecora Deck 804 <-> CCW 502 – Intermediate Coat

Pecora Deck 806 Desert Tan (530) <-> CCW 503 Desert Tan – Desert Tan Top Coat


Pecora Deck 806 Beige Grey (525) <-> CCW 503 Beige – Beige Grey Top Coat

Pecora Deck 806 Stone Grey (535) <-> CCW 503 Stone Grey – Stone Grey Top Coat

Pecora Deck 806 Arizona Tan (P-50) <-> CCW 503 Arizona Tan – Arizona Tan Top Coat

Pecora Deck 806 Colonial Grey (P-49) <-> CCW 503 Colonial Grey – Colonial Grey Top Coat

Pecora Deck P-810 <-> CCW 554 – Single-Component Interlaminary Primer

Pecora Deck 850 <-> CCW 599 – Deck Coating Accelerator


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