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About Us


Serving our Clients and Customers is our Business

You are our customer, and our partner. When you succeed, we succeed. Our goal to help you be better at your job, because of the products, information and service we provide to you. We accept the responsibility of serving you to the best of our ability. We listen to our customers, and endeavor to serve you with the utmost respect, dignity, and professionalism. Our mission is to be the best at what we do; providing quality construction products supported by reliable technical assistance to design professionals; and unparalleled support and training for the contractor in the field. We commit to you that we are an organization that is constantly seeking to improve itself, so that we may always provide the highest level of information and service to you our customer. It is our goal to honor every commitment we make, and when challenges arise, it is our vow to you that we will respond promptly and honestly to your needs.


"Helping People Build Better Buildings"

The Core purpose of ProCoat Systems is to "help people build better buildings". We achieve this purpose through the sale and delivery of premium quality materials used in the construction of new homes, buildings, or structures. ProCoat Systems supports the proper installation and application of these products by providing local hands on training and support to the contractors who purchase these products. We provide excellent technical assistance to design professionals, such as architects, engineers and the owners who require thorough and expedient information on the products they will include in their construction documents.


We seek to create opportunity for all who work with us...

We are a company that seeks to bring value and benefit to all who are associated with us. We strive to be a leader that brings quality product solutions to our clients and customers. Procoat Systems endorses the introduction of new technologies and innovations and support these products, and all products we represent, by personally and thoroughly educating design professionals and contractors on these applications. Our goal is to build a company that provides a quality environment for employees, owners, suppliers and customers - where everyone who comes in contact with ProCoat Systems is accorded proper dignity and respect. Our commitment is that each and every person at ProCoat Systems has the opportunity for personal growth and achievement, within the context of their daily work. Our goal is to create a company that operates profitability; and thus, can sustain and ensure the long term existence of the company and the benefits derived, thereof, by employees and owners. It is the goal of the owners, that Procoat Systems serves to contribute to the growth and wealth of each and every individual in the company; employee and owner alike, as the company attains it goal of profitability.

We started ProCoat Systems in 1984 around a single product that had not yet been introduced to the Rocky Mountain construction market. So began ProCoat Systems as a daring and innovative, solutions oriented building material supplier. Today we continue to bring new technologies to our customers, as we thrive in the distribution of more popular building materials like paint, stucco, stone, concrete and sealants. We continue to excel at technical support for the contractor in the field, as well as serving as a great source of product knowledge for the architectural and engineering profession. Jim, Marty, and Randy Diner have committed themselves to building a market leading company, built upon quality people, quality systems and quality management. We are dedicated to our manufacturers, our employees, and to our customers; to provide the highest commitment of representation for the products we sell. Our goal is truly to help people build better buildings.

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