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Retaining Wall Blocks

ProCoat Systems Denver—Retaining Wall Blocks—Where Are Your Limits?

ProCoat - July 22, 2016

Retaining Wall BlocksPerhaps you got your start making low decorative features using retaining wall blocks, ones that only required a zoning permit from Denver so long as you stayed below four feet and otherwise had your occupational paperwork in order? Maybe now you want to, or need to, raise your wall building skills, no pun intended? How? Well, that’s what ProCoat Systems of Denver is here for. Whether you find yourself needing to build taller retaining walls, curved walls, tandem walls, and ones with graded slopes behind them that require signing off from a civil engineer, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals as a contractor.

As you know, there are all manner of paperwork requirements that have to be in hand before you apply for a building permit to assemble a retaining wall using retaining wall blocks at a height in excess of four feet high. Then you have to also have stamped, wet signed engineered drawings to submit for review.

Is Your Wall Terraced?

This is a trickier question, but only because if you are away from the street set back, you could have multiple walls below 4’ in height, each of which don’t trigger the building permit requirement. However, if you are substantially altering the original grade of the property, it would again be wise to have on hand a set of stamped, wet signed engineered drawings to ensure you are in code compliance..

Will The Retained Soil Be Supporting Significant Weight?

If the notion exists that the property owner might be depositing a heavy object, like a shed, on top of the soil retained by the wall, that is yet another circumstance where a consultation with a licensed engineer is good advice. Around here, nature may also be placing a substantial snow load onto the proposed retaining wall too. The last thing you want is a claim from an angry home or business owner because you followed some rule of thumb rather than got the numbers run by a civil engineer.

When in Doubt, Call Us

While we aren’t lawyers who can help you after a mistake has been made, you can sound us out about whether you should call an engineer before you start a project. Remember, if you have to ask that question, the prudent answer is always, “yes.”

For more information regarding Belgard’s line of retaining wall blocks, contact ProCoat Systems, or come by and see us at either 4343 Holly St, Denver CO 80216, 303-322-9009, or 825 S.W. Frontage Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80524, 970-484-5557

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