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ProCoat Systems – Your One Stop Source for Retaining Wall Blocks in Denver

ProCoat - February 3, 2016

Retaining walls serve two primary functions in the landscaping of a home or commercial site—essential structural support and retention of a hillside, or to create ornamental terracing where level ground is more desired than wasa slope.

Whether you are contracted to build a large structural wall or a small ornamental one, to build one that is permanent, yet beautiful,you need high quality retaining wall blocks that only a few manufacturers are really good at. At ProCoat Systems, we carry a full array of both basic straight faced or beveled retaining wall blocks, as well as ones worthy of installation in the highest dollar settings you can envision. We can do this because we carry product lines from among others, BelgardHardscapes, one of America’s largest and finest retaining wall block manufacturers.

The Structural Retaining Wall

With the expansive soils along the Front Range, it does not take a very aggressive grade to begin seeing the effects of a monsoon rain carrying water and/or soil to where it is not desired. In some instances, the threat of uncontrolled water flow or poorly thought out drainage by the property developer could be devastating to the foundation of the structure. With our frequent summer downpours, it is essential that water is well controlled on hillsides in need of retaining walls to prevent erosion and even slippage of a nearby slope.

3rd Feb The Structural Retaining WallTo build a durable and eye catching retaining wall for your client, you need a product that stands behind you unequivocally. That’s why if you do your part and install the Belgard Hardscapes retaining wall blocks properly, you can confidently tell your client that they enjoy a limited lifetime transferable warranty. Not only will they have a fantastic retaining wall, they will also have a valid selling point that the retaining wall they see was built to last rather than become a crumbling expense sometime during their ownership.

The Ornamental Retaining Wall

3rd Feb The Ornamental Retaining WallSometimes you get a client where no expense will be spared to create a stunning public or private landscaping look using retaining wall blocks somewhere in Denver. For clients who demand impeccable styling in their retaining wall structure, Belgrade offers several options from the classic Anchor Diamond look to the more modern chiseled look befitting an Architectural Digestspread.

To get a hands on look at our display pavilion, or for more information, contact us.

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