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Retaining Wall Blocks in Denver—More Than Meets The Eye

ProCoat - September 12, 2016

Ridiculously Simple Block Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Blocks in Denver—More Than Meets The Eye

Retaining Wall Blocks in DenverThanks in part to our success over the past few decades, even the trained eye at times prompts the question, “Is that installation a type of stone veneer or is it made from retaining wall blocks?” In Denver, the answer is increasingly hazy because of products like Belgard’s Tandem Modular System, which takes the look of retaining wall blocks we see all over Denver, and makes them behave more like veneer in their installation.

Belgard long ago realized something that applies to retaining wall blocks in Denver—they’re ubiquitous. On many existing homes, where fabulous “natural” stone veneer would look architecturally out of place or an ostentatious putting on of airs relative to the neighboring properties, a porch skirt, a mailbox column, or a garbage can privacy wall made to look as if fashioned from retaining wall blocks. What is really going on underneath is actually a veneer installed on a wooden framework.

Ridiculously Simple

As a contractor, what could be easier than this? Build a wooden framework, say covering an opening beneath an elevated porch. Attach Belgard’s sturdy wire grids either vertically or horizontally, as the space demands. Then simply using the product’s plastic tandem connectors, lock the veneer panels to the wire grid. It’s that easy. When completed, you get the appearance of a sturdy installation that looks for all the world like dry stacked retaining wall blocks as seen all over Denver, but without nearly the effort.

The only real limitations of the system are that it is limited to constructs of six feet in height and that the grid forces the use of rigidly geometric installations.

If your mailbox column, porch posts, outdoor lighting pedestal, or low privacy wall needs some heft, simply fill your wooden framework with crushed rock as the panels are emplaced on the grid. A 24″ X 24″ cap unit is available to complete the top of any form you make that is exposed to the elements.

Of course the weight retention of such a system is nominal. While the Belgard Tandem Modular System could be deployed as a façade to an existing retaining wall, say one made of ugly, poured concrete, it will not add an ounce of structural rigidity to it.

As always at ProCoat Systems of Denver we stand ready to answer any technical questions about this product and you can even have you and your crew(s) trained on its proper installation. Just contact us.

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