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Retaining Walls Made Right

ProCoat - July 17, 2018

retaining wall blocksRetaining walls generally perform a utilitarian function. These are often intended to create a solid partition between two levels of landscape, eliminating slopes and contours that can be difficult to manage and limit flat, usable space.

When the right materials and design are employed, a retaining wall can be an attractive element of any landscape.

Considerations for Designing the Best Retaining Wall

Whether replacing an existing or failing structure or creating a new one, a proper retaining wall begins with a solid design.

Usually, a retaining wall is holding back a vertical face of soil that can slide or cave in if not properly retained. The first and most crucial issue is strength and durability. Walls that are not strong enough to resist the lateral earth pressure behind the wall may eventually collapse or slide.

In many states, the design of a new stone or masonry retaining wall exceeding four feet should be reviewed by a licensed professional design engineer to assess the wall’s long-term integrity. 

Other factors to be considered when constructing a retaining wall are:

  • Required height of the wall
  • Groundwater conditions and drainage
  • Site accessibility
  • Building codes
  • Aesthetics

With the proper design and the best materials, a beautiful retaining wall not only optimizes the useable area but can be a long-lasting and beautiful accent to the landscape.

Belgard® Retaining Walls from ProCoat Systems

To add interest and beauty to your backyard landscape or to enhance the curb appeal of your property, an attractive, well designed retaining wall can make the difference. Belgarde, a world-class producer of pavers, retaining wall products, and other hardscape materials, produces the highest quality of freestanding and retaining wall blocks for home and business landscapes. Belgarde materials are stable, long lasting, and beautiful, available in a broad range of styles to complement surrounding structures and landscape features.

Belgarde offers a product selection of eleven different retaining wall block designs to match just about any setting. These sturdy options range from coarse to smooth surfaces in several different colors, shapes, and sizes.

To finish the job, Belgarde and ProCoat also provide the matching edges and caps.

Contact ProCoat Systems of Colorado and Utah

ProCoat Systems is a premier supplier of world-class coatings, hardscape materials, waterproofing, and air barrier systems. The company has been a supplier to the construction and remodeling industries in the Rocky Mountain region for nearly thirty-five years.

For more information regarding materials and construction of the highest quality retaining walls, contact ProCoat. The professionals at ProCoat will be pleased to help.

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