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retaining wall blocks

Stone Veneer… A Popular Retaining Wall Material

ProCoat - April 12, 2018

retaining wall blocks

Retaining walls are practical additions to a property. While these usually serve a utilitarian purpose, they do not have to look and feel like the exterior of a prison. Interesting shapes, colors, and designs by adding natural stone veneer cladding can provide a beautiful and dramatic backdrop or partition to a nicely landscaped area.

Retaining walls compensate for sudden elevation changes by eliminating erosion and thereby adding usable terraced space to a landscape. Older retaining walls made from concrete may still be sturdy and serviceable but usually become stained and unattractive from years of service.

Sometimes owners ponder the choice between resurfacing an existing wall or removing it and building a new one. The choice is usually to rebuild with concrete or to create a new masonry stone wall. While whole stone can be more attractive than concrete if built correctly, the process is far more expensive and time-consuming.

The best option, in this case,  is to build a solid retaining wall with concrete, then clad the finished structure with high-quality natural stone veneer.

Resurfacing an Existing Retaining Wall

It is essential to ensure that an existing wall has maintained its strength and integrity before thinking about resurfacing with natural stone veneer. Cladding a concrete retaining wall with beautiful and stately natural stone veneer is an option that upgrades both the appearance of the wall and the overall appeal of your landscape.

Building a New Wall

If you have doubts about the stability or future of an existing retaining wall, you should replace it. After removing the current structure, building a new concrete wall is not complicated. Once the wall is in place and fully cured, adding a beautiful natural stone veneer is the perfect choice to upgrade your landscape.

What Natural Stone Veneer Styles are Available to Cover a Retaining Wall?

ProCoat Systems offers a wide range of high-quality natural stone veneers for exterior use. Easy to apply and affordable, installing stone veneer is far less labor intensive than working with whole stone.

Available natural stone veneer styles from ProCoat and their partner, Realstone Systems, include:

  • Estate Stone  
  • Ledgestone
  • Shadowstone
  • Thinstone
  • Accentstone

The styles of stone veneer come in a variety of colors that include:

  • Arctic White
  • Chiseled Silver
  • Alabaster
  • Berkshire Buff
  • Greystone Gold
  • Terracotta
  • Somerset Sage
  • Bristol Black
  • Charcoal
  • Midnight Sky

Contact ProCoat Systems of Denver

ProCoat of Denver works with the world’s leading producers of natural and cultured stone veneers. Beautiful, and long-lasting, these materials add real beauty to your landscape.

If you have questions regarding these applications or more, call the representatives at ProCoat Systems at (303)-322-9009.


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