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ProCoat—Below Grade Waterproofing Materials in Salt Lake City

ProCoat - August 25, 2016

There is a substantial amount of below grade waterproofing materials available in Salt Lake City. Choosing one isn’t simply a matter of doing your homework either. Most manufacturers require you to become a certified applicator before their products will carry a guarantee. (Fortunately, ProCoat SLC is dedicated to providing the hands on training to get you those certifications). Let’s look at some of the most reliable applications to ensure your success.

Cementitious Waterproofing Materials

Waterproofing MaterialsThis class of product is probably the easiest waterproofing materials to use because they are nearly foolproof to mix and apply. Most of these products advise the use of an acrylic additive to achieve a more thorough bond and longer lasting installation.

While lauded for their ease of use, cementitious waterproofing materials all share a common weakness—they are inflexible. As such, if a crack or a joint interface problem begins to develop on the positive side, the waterproofing will be infiltrated

Liquid Membrane WaterproofingLiquid Membrane Waterproofing Materials

These are a class of liquid membrane products applied by spray, roller, or trowel. The liquid cures into a flexible rubber compound that coats walls or decks. These installations are quite flexible under most conditions, but that flexibility also means that uniform application is critical.

Most of the products in this class have guidelines for waterproofing voids, form-tie holes, and joints to ensure a successful application. Liquid membrane coatings are relatively inexpensive, quick to apply, durable, and elastic. The main drawback is the learning curve required to train applicators in achieving the uniform minimum thickness necessary to enact the warranty coverage.

Sheet Membrane Waterproofing Materials

Uniform thickness is not a problem with sheet membrane, which are typically 60-mil rubberized asphalt sheets laminated with powerful backing adhesives on a polymer substrate protected by release paper.

Seemingly stickier than fly paper, the rapid application of this product is a two man job. One worker emplaces the panels and the other works off the release paper as the applicator works the material flat so that it adheres properly.

Sheet Membrane WaterproofingThe main drawbacks of working with self adhesive membranes are the meticulous surface preparation needed to ensure adhesive success and that the membranes cannot be worked into any cavities and voids without risking membrane failure. Since two different waterproofing materials may be needed, installing membranes is more difficult than using liquids.

Procoat Systems Salt Lake City has more than 30 years of working with waterproofing materials that work best in Salt Lake City. If properly installed, all three of these forms of waterproofing materials work well in Utah’s climate. And what’s more, ProCoat Systems always maintains its technical expertise with each of the waterproofing materials it represents, so contractors and home owners alike never have to worry about the support of a product after the sale.

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