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Waterproofing Solutions

Adhesive Technologies
Epoxy Waterproof Coating

This expansive line of products, part of the ProCoat waterproofing line, offers a variety of adhesive blends to meet your anchoring, doweling, joint-filling, bonding, concrete repair, maintenance, and restoration, and general-purpose needs.
Adhesive technologies epoxy waterproof coating

Adhesive Technologies Products

GCP Applied Technologies
Waterproofing Products

Whether you are creating a new commercial building or integrating essential infrastructure, GCP Applied Technologies Waterproofing from ProCoat offers a customized solution for your most complex waterproofing challenges.
Grace Waterproofing Products

Grace Products

Waterproofing Products

ProCoat provides a wide variety of waterproofing solutions from Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) to help you protect your structure. CCW has been delivering trusted waterproofing solutions to design and building professionals for over 45 years.
Carlilse Waterproofing Products

Carlisle Products

Are you trying to prevent future water infiltration problems? ProCoat offers a variety of waterproofing solutions to help you handle all levels of moisture infiltration, from your rooftop to your walls, floors, and foundation. Our waterproofing products help you prevent the penetration of moisture, protecting your building from the elements to ensure its long-term structural integrity and value.

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Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing is a Crucial Facet of Building Design

Waterproofing prevents water and moisture penetration through the building envelope, improving the thermal envelope of your structure and reducing humidity within. Waterproofing protection not only safeguards indoor air quality, inhibiting the proliferation of mold and mildew but reduces HVAC use and costs, supporting a greener build. It also upholds the value of your building, guarding it and its contents against costly water damage that could lead to rot, rust, decay, and ultimately structural failure.

Common Types of Waterproofing for Buildings Include:

Cementitious waterproofing
Cementitious waterproofing is used for concrete projects such as parking structures and lots. It is the easiest waterproofing material to use, simply mix and apply. However, this product will not stretch and cannot withstand cracks/joint movement.

Bituminous waterproofing membranes
Bituminous waterproofing membranes are popular for use on low-sloped roofs. They typically come in rolls that self-adhere or are applied with a torch.

Bituminous coatings
Bituminous coating is asphalt. Asphalt is an excellent waterproofing solution, however, it does not stand up to sunlight. Therefore, it must be used beneath other materials (such as screed) or modified with acrylic-based polymers or polyurethane.

Liquid waterproofing membranes
Liquid waterproofing membranes are spray, roller, or trowel applied. They cure to a rubber-like finish, offering a flexible, low-cost waterproofing solution. However, care must be taken to ensure consistent coverage of the correct thickness with liquid membranes. Special procedures for handling joints, voids, and penetrations also apply.

Sheet membranes for waterproofing
These self-adhering, rubberized asphalt membranes peel-and-stick. After the initial learning curve, they apply quickly, sticking securely after proper surface prep. Coverage is consistent and flexible, however, joints, voids, penetrations, and corners must be carefully managed.

Polyurethane liquid waterproofing membranes
Polyurethane liquid waterproofing is used for flat roofs exposed to weathering. It is pricier than other options and moisture sensitive, requiring careful evaluation to ensure proper adhesion, but offers a highly flexible membrane.

Varying Levels of Protection

There are three levels of moisture control. Careful selection ensures adequate protection.

    • Water-resistant
      This is the lowest level of protection, resisting water penetration to some degree, but not entirely.
    • Water-repellent
      Water-repellent is a step up from water-resistant, going beyond guarding against water penetration to actively repelling it with hydrophobic coatings.
    • Waterproof
      Waterproof coatings offer the highest level of protection, remaining completely impervious to water. For lasting protection, a continuous membrane/coating is key to performance.

Adhesive tecnologies epoxy waterproof coating

Adhesives Technology
Waterproofing Solutions

Adhesives Technology provides the broadest range of adhesives and package sizes on the market.

    • General Purpose: Miracle Bond Adhesive
      This fast-curing, non-sagging epoxy adhesive quickly bonds most materials, hard-curing in 3 hours. Use it to bond or fill cracks overhead, on vertical surfaces – even underwater!
    • Sealing: Crackbond JF Flexible Polyurea Sealant (formerly JF-311)
      Crackbond JF is a solvent-free, two-part, rapid-curing polyurea sealant. Use it to prevent spalling, fill joints, saw cuts, and active cracks on horizontal surfaces. Self-leveling and flexible, it provides a continuous surface.
    • Crack Repair: Crackbond LR-321 Injection & Gravity-Feed Repairs
      The Crackbond LR-321 family of two-part epoxy adhesives are designed for concrete repairs on fresh to hardened or hardened to hardened concrete. Choose self-leveling LR-321 and LR-321 LPL formulas for the repair of fine to medium cracks, or fast-gelling LR-321 G for medium blind-side repairs.
    • Spall Repair: Crackbond CSR
      This self-leveling, rapid-cure polyurethane is low viscosity, penetrating spalls and cracks fast and returning concrete to use in just 60 minutes. Available powder pigments camouflage repairs.
    • Adhesives Technology Rebar & Doweling Epoxies
      • Exceptional Strength: Ultrabond 1
        A powerful, two-part epoxy for anchoring threaded rods and bolts and rebar dowels into uncracked concrete, and grouting dowel and tie bars in full-depth repairs. Ultrabond 1 resists wind, shear, and seismic forces for short and long-term tensile anchoring.
      • DOT-Approved: Ultrabond HS-200
        This high-strength, non-sag epoxy is similar in application to Ultrabond 1, but approved for use by the Department of Transportation.
      • Rapid Setting: Ultrabond 1300
        DOT-approved, this moisture-insensitive epoxy can be used in damp environments, providing 20 minutes of working time and delivering fast, high-strength adhesion for threaded rod and rebar dowels.

Grace epoxy waterproof coating

GCP Applied Technologies
Waterproofing Solutions

Grace Waterproofing offers a customized solution for your most complex waterproofing challenges.

Pre-Applied Sheet Membranes

      Fast and easy to install, PREPRUFE sheet membranes require no specialty equipment. Position the roll, unspool it with a kick, secure overlaps with ZipLap quick-sealing adhesive, and you’re done. Thick HDPE film, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and protective weather-resistant coating prevents water migration in every direction, also blocking the infiltration of moisture, chemicals, and gases including methane and radon.
    • PREPRUFE 200
      PREPRUFE 200 can be applied in wet, cold, and even rainy weather installing quickly with loosely laid, mechanically fastened laps to horizontal or vertical surfaces below slabs or behind basement walls. Also provides vapor protection for slabs with moisture-sensitive finishes such as wood.
    • PREPRUFE 300R & 160R
      Impermeable, BBA-Certified protection for all basement grades. Place PREPRUFE 300R and 160R directly over prepared, compacted soil. Forms a continuous bond with poured concrete, isolating the structure from surrounding ground.
    • PREPRUFE 300LT & 160LT
      Certified for all basement grades, these chemical-resistant formulas are designed for low-temperature applications, featuring a release liner-free design for a more efficient, reliable installation.
    • PREPRUFE 300R Plus LT & 160R Plus LT
      PREPRUFE 300R Plus LT and 160R Plus are unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs, offering superior protection against water, vapor, and gas infiltration below slabs or behind basement walls. Both feature a release liner-free design for a more efficient, reliable installation.
    • PREPRUFE 400T
      PREPRUFE 400T outperforms non-adhering tunnel membranes, bonding integrally to poured concrete to prevent water migration. Compatible with all tunneling applications.
      Prevents hazardous gas vapors from penetrating the foundation and other building structures.
    • PREPRUFE 250
      Specially designed for environments with low hydrostatic pressure or intermittent water conditions.

Post-Applied Sheet Membranes

    • BITUTHENE 4000
      This self-adhered rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane and surface conditioner features a strong, flexible pre-formed membrane of cross-laminated HDPE film, tacky, self-adhesive rubberized asphalt compound, and water-based primer surface conditioner to promote adhesion.
      A cold-applied, trowel-grade, two-component, elastomeric membrane. Mix and use on-site for the fast detailing of inside corners, or as flashing around drains, curbs, protrusions, and parapets. Chemically cures to a tough, rubber-like finish.
    • PREPRUFE 800PA
      This synthetic, non-asphaltic formula with high-performance HDPE film adheres aggressively to building surfaces, forming an elastomeric membrane that accommodates movement and resists punctures and tears. Used with PREPRUFE pre-applied membranes, it provides complete, seamless below-grade waterproofing protection.
    • BITUTHENE 3000
      BITUTHENE 3000 features RIPCORD integrated filament split-release on-demand for easy positioning in detailed areas. Perfect for above grade plaza/parking decks, below-grade basement, tunnels, and other substructures.
    • PROCOR Below-Grade
      Applicable in temperatures down to 20°F, this asphalt-free formula forms a continuous, fully-bonded elastomeric membrane designed for suppleness and longevity in temperatures down to -23°F.
    • BITUTHENE Deck System
      This system combines BITUTHENE 4000 waterproofing technology with an integrated drainage system for superior performance.
    • PROCOR Above-Grade
      Applicable in temperatures down to 20°F, this asphalt-free formula cures to form resilient, continuous, fully bonded elastomeric sheet on elevated decks, parking plazas, green roofs, inverted roofs, surrounding pipes, drains, and in corners.

Fluid-Applied Membranes

      The ideal solution for waterproofing within the building envelope. INTEGRITANK provides a tough, fully-bonded waterproofing membrane resistant to backfill, hydrostatic pressure, and long-term immersion in water. Can be electrically tested to ensure continuous coverage and proper adhesion.
    • SILCOR 900HA
      Seamless waterproofing protection for new and existing elevated structural decks, split slabs, and green roofs. Ready for foot traffic in 2-hours.
    • SILCOR 900MP
      Cures to form a high-strength, fully-bonded elastomeric membrane on structural decks, split slabs, and green roofs that is foot traffic ready in just 2 minutes.
      Guard against wear and add color with DECSEAL. This cold spray-applied formula offers unlimited overcoating and is ideal for parking garages, lots, and green concrete. Cures quickly in one-hour.
      Solvent-free PERMARE is specially designed to extend the life of utility assets such as substations, water tanks, reservoirs, and sewage treatment facilities, fully bonding to concrete and steel.
      ELIMINATOR bridge deck waterproofing is designed for concrete and steel bridge decks, piers, service ducts, and culverts. It features a wide application temperature range and has been used worldwide on thousands of structures.
      A 3-in-1 formula that resists wear, provides lightweight, high-performance waterproofing protection, and includes anti-skid technology.

Carlisle concrete waterproofing

Carlisle Coatings &
Waterproofing Solutions

Combined with MiraDRAIN technology, CCW waterproofing protection is second-to-none.

Bentonite Clay Waterproofing

CCW sodium bentonite clay formulas are self-healing, expanding to fill holes and cracks with ease, and impermeable and extremely chemical-resistant when hydrated.

  • MiraCLAY
    MiraCLAY is excellent for zero lot line construction and rehab waterproofing, compatible for use with below-grade structural slabs, shotcrete retention walls, and construction featuring lagging and caisson.
  • MiraCLAY GM
    NSF-certified waterproofing protection.
  • MiraCLAY EF
    Designed for use when groundwater is contaminated with salt or chemicals that can prevent the hydration of clay.
  • MiraSTOP
    This bentonite clay waterproofing joint compound expands, forming a strong seal that prevents water from infiltrating non-moving joints.

Fluid-Applied Waterproofing

Use CCW fluid-applied waterproofing when the incorporation of a sheet membrane is difficult.

  • Barricoat
    A water-borne asphalt emulsion modified with synthetic polymers and additives designed for fast, easy application in all temperatures, including cool, damp conditions. Seals around fasteners with ease, resisting rain wash off.
  • MiraSEAL
    MiraSEAL is coat-tar and solvent-free. It sticks fast, curing to form a flexible, monolithic membrane. Apply it wet-on-wet to reduce installation times significantly.

CCW-711-70 Pre-Pave Sheet Waterproofing

Designed for use over the structural slabs of bridges and parking decks, as well as for adding waterproofing protection to existing roadways prior to repaving, the woven mesh and elastomeric membrane of CCW pre-pave sheet waterproofing rolls easily span moving cracks.

A Department of Transportation (DOT) favorite for adding water protection and guarding against cracks in roadways.

Barricoat Spray-Applied Waterproofing

Affordable and fast to apply via spray or roller equipment in any season, Barricoat provides instant resistance to rain wash off, waterproofing below-grade foundation walls and other vertical surfaces, green concrete.

Hot-Applied Waterproofing

This rubberized asphalt membrane is hot-applied, providing durable, seamless waterproofing protection.

  • CCW-500R
    A single waterproofing membrane that adheres tenaciously to horizontal and vertical surfaces forming a thick, tough, flexible membrane. With a composition of 26% pre-consumer waste, it’s a fantastic way to boost LEED credits on new construction projects.
  • Vapor Lock
    Ideal for substrates that are difficult to waterproof, such as wood and lightweight structural concrete.

Self-Adhering Blindside Waterproofing

MiraPLY waterproofing combines two proven technologies into a one-step, self-adhering compression seal gasket.

  • MiraPLY-H
    A tough but flexible membrane designed for under slab waterproofing applications. Installs with ease, bridging cracks, and sealing around fasteners. Chemical resistant MiraPLY-H even blocks radon.
  • MiraPLY-V
    Designed for vertical surfaces.

Self-Adhering Sheet Waterproofing

A high-performance, durable, peel-and-stick waterproofing barrier of rubberized asphalt adhesive over a cross-laminated HDPE for use on below-grade walls and foundations, decking/balconies, and for interior use beneath bath, shower, laboratories, mechanical rooms, and other facilities exposed to moisture.

  • MiraDRI 860/861
    Designed for vertical and horizontal applications at temperatures of 40°F and above, or in temperatures between 25-40°F when stored in a heated area prior to use.
  • MiraDRI 860-ULT
    Designed for application at temperatures between 15-60°F.

Sheet-Applied Waterproofing

An ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) based homogenous elastomeric roof covering. Provides superior puncture resistance and resistance against tearing, cracking, and abrasion in a variety of applications.

  • Sure-Seal EPDM
    Choose from 45-mil, 60-mil, and 90-mil thicknesses, widths up to 10ft, and lengths up to 100ft. Fire retardant (FR) options available.
  • Sure-Seal Clean-Cured EPDM Flashing
    Ensures seamless protection, expanding and contracting without weakening, tearing, or cracking, even in extreme environments.

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