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Fight moisture penetration with Master Builders Solutions by BASF Waterproofing Coatings from ProCoat Systems. One of the most crucial challenges affecting the longevity of structures, those without adequate waterproofing suffer more rapid deterioration from attack by mold, salts, acids, alkalis, and other structural hazards. Master Builders by BASF high-performance waterproofing membranes deliver the protection your structures need, providing a range of solutions for interior and exterior use, above and below-grade, to help you ensure a lasting building design.

Why Choose Master Builders Solutions Waterproofing Coatings?

Master Builders Solutions by BASF liquid-applied and cementitious coatings provide a seamless barrier, sealing walls and protecting penetrations from damaging conditions. Master Builders also offers an array of admixtures designed to facilitate low concrete permeability and enhance waterproof coating protection. Its chemical solutions for the construction, maintenance, and repair of structures are built from the experience of their global community of BASF construction experts who collectively hold more than a century of experience in the construction industry.

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BASF Waterproofing

BASF Split Slab & Below-Grade Waterproofing Coatings

BASF solutions for split-slab and below-grade foundation waterproofing prevent water infiltration from above and below.

BASF Waterproofing Membranes

  • MasterSeal HLM 5000
    A one-component, liquid, cold-applied, moisture-curing, bitumen-modified polyurethane, seamless membrane for below-grade and between-slab use. Applicable by spray, trowel, roller, or squeegee/self-leveling. This all-climate elastomeric membrane accommodates expansion/contraction, providing long-term resistance to bacteria, acids, alkalis, and salts.

BASF Dampproofing

  • MasterSeal 610, 614, 615
    These cold-applied, waterborne, emulsified-asphalt dampproofing formulas are designed for use on green or slightly damp surfaces. Brush/spray fiber-free(610), short-fiber (615), and trowel-applied (614) formulations available.

BASF Accessories

  • MasterSeal 974, 975, 976
    These polypropylene drainboard systems significantly reduce the amount of water that comes into contact with the waterproofing coating membrane, relieving hydrostatic pressure for longer system life.

BASF Crystalline Waterproofing

Achieve watertight concrete structures above or below-grade with innovative BASF crystalline capillary waterproofing technology.

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BASF Waterproofing

BASF Crystalline Coatings

  • MasterSeal 500
    MasterSeal 500 penetrates concrete, sealing hairline cracks and providing waterproofing protection even with surface damage. Safe for use indoors or out, it delivers dual-sided waterproofing protection, withstanding both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. Easy to apply and cost-effective, it is chloride-free, reducing the risk of corrosion. It also resists de-icing salts common in frigid environments and offers protection against sewage/industrial waste. Ideally suited for foundations, concrete/masonry, vaults, tunnels, reservoirs, and elevator pits.

BASF Crystalline Admixtures

  • MasterLife 300D
    MasterLife 300D seals hairline cracks from within concrete, reducing permeability while still allowing concrete to breathe. It resists positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, guarding against sewage and industrial waste seepage. Versatile and effective, it is ideal for use on foundations, sewage/water treatment, tanks/reservoirs, pools, vaults, tunnels, parking structures, and more.
  • BASF Cementitious Coatings

    Prevent damage from mold and mildew with BASF cementitious coatings. These coatings offer breathable protection, including positive/negative side waterproofing, allowing interior moisture to escape concrete and masonry without damaging your structure.

    • BASF MasterSeal 550
      For interior/exterior, above and below-grade use, this acrylic-modified, Portland cement-based flexible waterproofing membrane accommodates substrate movement to prevent cracking on walls, floors, and tiled pools.

    • BASF MasterSeal 581
      This low-maintenance, highly-durable barrier Portland cement-based coating polymer-modified with MasterEmaco A 660 resists positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. It is safe for use indoors or out, above and below-grade, including water cisterns. A fantastic alternative to mechanically finishing concrete, it hides minor surface defects and blemishes in architectural concrete. It is compatible with BASF high-performance coatings and textured finishes, including ten landscape colors and custom colors.
    • BASF MasterSeal 582
      BASF MasterSeal 582 is a Portland cement-based waterproofing coating polymer-modified with MasterEmaco A 660. It is resistant to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. Cost-effective and durable, it is designed for exterior, above and below-grade use. It is ideally suited for above-grade foundations and as a base coat for high-build acrylic coatings.
    • BASF MasterSeal 583
      This dry polymer-modified Portland cement-based waterproof coating waterproofs, seals, and protects against water, dampness, and seepage, guarding building interiors against moisture, mold, and mildew damage. It is resistant to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure and compatible with interior/exterior, above and below grade use with mineral or cement-based substrates. BASF MasterSeal 583 imparts a lasting, semi-smooth, decorative white finish, making it an ideal solution for waterproofing basements, foundations, retaining walls, cisterns, sea walls, piers, and concrete planters.
    • BASF MasterSeal 584
      BASF MasterSeal 584 is a high-performance cement-based waterproofing coating used to eliminate the look of mortar joints. It can be applied by spray or trowel application, providing texture and color uniformity, enhancing the appearance of your structure, and offering added flexibility in design. It offers excellent adhesion to mineral substrates for lasting durability, expanding to lock in place and fill, seal, and hide surface imperfections, maintaining volume and stability over time. Available in a wide assortment of textured finishes to complete your design, this versatile formula works well on residential and commercial structures, including tunnels, bridges, dams, and reservoirs.

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    BASF Waterproofing

    BASF Hydraulic Cement

    Use BASF hydraulic cements to instantly stop leaks and running water in concrete and masonry. Each unique formula expands as it hardens, forming a lasting seal, even under constant water pressure. Topcoat ready in 15 minutes to minimize downtime
    hydraulic cement is versatile and useful in a variety of applications.

    • BASF MasterSeal 590
      This one-component, fast-setting, Portland cement-based hydraulic repair mortar instantly stops running water through holes and cracks in concrete and masonry. It works fabulously on non-moving, static cracks/holes, immersion service, and anchoring bolts. Use it on foundations, basements, retaining walls, sewers, and more.
      *Ask a ProCoat building supply expert about formulations for cold weather applications.
    • BASF MasterSeal 595
      BASF MasterSeal 595 is a one-component, cement-based, rapid-setting cement-based mortar designed to stops running water seepage from hydrostatic pressure. It sets in 45-90 seconds and will not wash out. It is an excellent solution for eliminating seepages through cracks in concrete, pipes, tanks, and manholes, and works well for joints, junctions, and connections.

    BASF Chemical, Mineral, and Cementitious Grouting

    These pre-injection and post-injection formulations offer a high-performance solution for unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions during mining and tunneling projects.

    Ground Consolidation

    • BASF MasterRoc MP 325
      A low-viscosity, single-component hydrophilic chemical grout for sand and silt strata consolidation. Adheres well to wet surfaces without foaming, forming a secure bond. Environmentally safe, it contains no solvents or toxic compounds, offering simple water cleanup.

    • BASF MasterRoc MP 358SC
      Used for strata consolidation, this highly-reactive, two-component, solvent-free, hydrophobic polyurethane injection waterproofing coating resin is highly flexible and strong. It is less sensitive to water than normal polyurethanes, significantly expanding in volume to penetrate cracks.
    • BASF MasterRoc 368
      This fast-reacting, two-component, fire-resistant, polyurea silicate provides excellent adhesion to concrete. It effectively seals out gas and water without absorbing it. It is specially designed for rapid ground consolidation, forming a fast bond, and providing high structural and compressive strength.
    • BASF MasterRoc 368 TIX
      BASF MasterRoc 368 TIX is a fast-reacting, thixotropic, fire-resistant, solvent-free polyurea silicate injection resin specially designed for rapid ground consolidation in strata with open cracks at the surface. It provides high structural and compressive strength, adhering firmly. The thixotropic behavior prevents it from flowing out of fissures.
    • BASF MasterRoc MP 650
      Fast setting durable, and cost-effective, this non-hazardous formula featuring microfine Portland cement is designed for rock and soil injection. With a small particle size for penetrating tight cracks, joints, and pores, it offers superior penetration compared to ordinary Portland cement systems, ensuring water tightness.
    • BASF MasterRoc MP 900
      This well-graded ultrafine cement is designed for rock and soil injection. Milled from pure Portland cement clinker, its specially adapted admixture system ensures superior penetration in pre and post-injection applications. It features a short setting time for improved productivity.

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    BASF Waterproofing

    Water & Crack Sealing

    • BASF MasterRoc MP 300
      This versatile, low-viscosity, flexible acrylic resin formula is formulated for repairs to sewers, storm pipes, and dams, pre-excavation grouting, strata control, and soil permeation grouting. It offers excellent adhesion, even on damp surfaces. The cured material is gel-like and highly flexible, forming an elastic cross-link gel with excellent adhesion power. Following dry periods, it re-swells with exposure to moisture.
    • BASF MasterRoc MP 304
      BASF MasterRoc MP 304 is a highly flexible, two-component cured gel acrylic system. This fast-reacting, low-viscosity formula forms an elastic hydrogel with excellent swelling/reswelling properties, even after dry periods. It provides excellent adhesion, even on wet surfaces, accommodating structural and ground movement with ease for permanent water sealing, joint repair, and layer curtaining of masonry/concrete.
    • BASF MasterRoc MP 307CE
      A two-component acrylic resin system with low viscosity for superior penetration. It is designed for permanent water sealing and layer curtaining of concrete/masonry. This formula is non-shrinking and not sensitive to water, curing to a rubber-like gel that closely retains its original shape, providing superior flexibility (>300%).
    • BASF MasterRoc MP 309
      This two-component, fast-reacting acrylic system with high compressive strength is designed for the consolidation of sand/silt strata and injection into joints/fissures in rock. It is well-suited for long-flow passages where polyurethane resins cannot be used. It features a compact gel with a high compressive strength that cures quickly, providing superior flexibility (>300%).
    • BASF MasterRoc MP 355
      BASF MasterRoc MP 355 is a highly-reactive, two-part, polyurethane injection resin for stopping rapid water flow and ensuring ground stabilization. It is capable of stopping high-volume leaks, forming a rigid, rubber like material that swells like foam when in contact with water.
    • BASF MasterRoc MP 355 1K
      This solvent-free, single-component hydrophobic polyurethane injection foam is designed for stopping medium water ingress, swelling like foam with exposure to moisture.
    • BASF MasterRoc MP 355 1K DW
      A single-component hydrophobic polyurethane injection foam for small to medium water ingress. It swells like foam with exposure to moisture and is safe for use in potable water structures.

    Void Filling

    • MasterRoc MP 367 Foam
      MasterRoc MP 367 Foam is a two-component, highly reactive polyurea silicate closed-cell foam formula designed to ensure water tightness when filling strata cavities. It offers excellent adhesion to wet substrates and does not expand with or absorb moisture.

    Grout Additive

    • MasterRoc FLC 100
      A multi-component powdered rheo-plastic additive for cement-based grout for reducing mixing water requirements. It allows for the achievement of a high-strength, flowable, non-shrinking grout with any type of Portland cement.

    Injection Accessories

    • MasterRoc EQ 250 OR
      A dry oil-free oakum rope of twisted jute for use with BASF chemical grouts. Combined with MasterRoc MP chemical grouts, ropes offer excellent absorption, sealing cracks, joints, and annular spaces.
    • MasterRoc EQ 512 PK & EQ 558 PK
      These zinc-coated steel mechanical packers (ports) are designed for high-pressure chemical grout injection with a snug fit and solid connection, featuring one-way grease fittings and expandable rubber sleeves.
    • MasterRoc MP 230 CLN
      This non-hazardous organic-based solvent is ideal for cleaning injection equipment. It features a high flash point (>390°F) and is free of water, quickly clearing out grout residues and preventing rust.

    From waterproofing solutions for foundations and vertical walls to highly-specialized commercial waterproofing coating applications, Master Builders Solutions by BASF Waterproofing has you covered. Speak to a building supply expert at ProCoat today for help finding the ideal waterproofing solution for your upcoming project today.

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