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Carlisle Waterproofing Products

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ProCoat provides a wide variety of  Carlisle waterproofing products to help you protect your structure. CCW has been delivering trusted waterproofing solutions to design and building professionals for over 45 years. Combining time-tested waterproofing solutions with innovative technology, CCWs highly-specialized, carefully engineered products offer an ideal solution for customers on a variety of job sites, from industrial and commercial to residential.

The Latest Waterproofing Technology from CCW

When combined with CCW MiraDRAIN products, the Carlisle waterproofing producys deliver protection that is second to none.

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Carlisle Waterproofing Products

Bentonite Clay Waterproofing

This system forms a panel of clay encased between layers of non-woven and woven, puncture-resistant geotextile with an HDPE film for added water resistance. All products in this line are self-healing if ripped/punctured, expanding to fill minor holes/cracks. They are also impermeable when hydrated and extremely resistant to chemicals.

  • MiraCLAY
    Designed for below-grade structural slabs, and with construction featuring lagging, caisson, and shotcrete retention walls. Also great for rebab waterproofing and zero lot line construction.
  • MiraCLAY GM
    MiraCLAY GM delivers the same benefits as MiraCLAY, alongside NSF-certified waterproofing protection.
  • MiraCLAY EF
    This MiraCLAY formulation is the solution of choice when groundwater is contaminated with salt, chemicals, or other substances that can prevent the hydration of clay.
  • MiraSTOP
    An expandable bentonite clay waterproofing joint compound for use with MiraCLAY waterproofing solutions. Prevents water infiltration in nonmoving joints by swelling to form a strong seal. Works for both cast-in-place and pre-cast applications with wall systems, water tanks, septic and sewer, culverts, utility and burial vaults, and more. Also works with MiraDRI 860/861 systems.

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Carlisle Waterproofing Products

Fluid-Applied Waterproofing

CCW fluid-applied waterproofing is designed for use where the incorporation of a sheet membrane is difficult.

  • Barricoat
    Barricoat is designed for use in below-grade foundation wall assemblies but also works well on green concrete and vertical surfaces, including concrete, masonry, insulated concrete forms, and other materials. This water-borne asphalt emulsion modified with synthetic polymers and additives is fast and easy to apply. It seals around fasteners with ease, providing instant resistance to rain wash off. Apply year-round, even in cold/damp conditions.
  • MiraSEAL
    A single-component moisture-reacted, coat-tar and solvent-free modified polymer. It sticks fast, curing to form a flexible, continuous waterproof membrane on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Compatible with wet-on-wet use, it can significantly reduce installation times. Also useful as a sealant.

Hot-Applied Waterproofing

This hot-applied rubberized asphalt membrane provides durable, seamless waterproofing protection.

  • CCW-500R
    This single-component membrane sticks tenaciously to horizontal and vertical surfaces forming a thick, tough, flexible layer. It is made of 26% pre-consumer waste, helping boost your LEED credits on new construction projects. Use with CCW-500 waterproofing fabric and CCW-550 primer on a range of substrates, including split-slab construction, green roof systems, and inverted roof deck membrane assemblies.
  • Vapor Lock
    Use on tough-to-waterproof substrates such as wood and lightweight structural concrete alongside CCW-711-90 rubberized asphalt sheet membrane with high-strength HDPE mesh.

Self-Adhering Blindside Waterproofing

Ensure decades of moisture protection with revolutionary MiraPLY technology. This self-adhering blindside waterproofing combines two proven technologies into a one-step compression seal gasket, featuring a 45-mil layer of trusted TPO membrane protection with a 25-mil butyl alloy adhesive coating.

  • MiraPLY-H
    MiraPLY-H is designed for under slab waterproofing applications. It is tough but flexible, bridging cracks, sealing around fasteners, and installing with ease. It is
    impermeable and resistant to most chemicals, even blocking radon.
  • MiraPLY-V
    A self-adhering, blindside waterproofing membrane for vertical surfaces.

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Carlisle Waterproofing Products

Self-Adhering Sheet Waterproofing

The peel-and-stick design of this CCW product line allows for easy application to below-grade walls and foundations, decking/balconies, and for interior use beneath bath, shower, laboratories, mechanical rooms, and other facilities with split-slab construction frequently exposed to moisture. Sheets feature 56-mils of rubberized asphalt laminated to 4-mil of polyethylene, delivering a high-performance, durable waterproofing barrier.

  • MiraDRI 860/861
    A 60-mil membrane of rubberized asphalt adhesive over cross-laminated HDPE, designed for vertical and horizontal applications at temperatures of 40°F and above. When stored in a heated area until use and applied to areas treated with contact adhesive, it can be installed in temperatures between 25-40°F.
  • MiraDRI 860-ULT
    Designed for application at temperatures between 15-60°F.

Sheet-Applied Waterproofing

CCWs sheet-applied waterproofing is an ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) based homogenous elastomeric roof covering. It is suitable for a variety of applications, providing superior puncture resistance and resistance against tearing, cracking, and abrasion.

  • Sure-Seal EPDM
    Sure-seal EPDM rolls are available in thicknesses of 45-mil, 60-mil, and 90-mil, widths up to 10ft, and lengths up to 100ft. Fire retardant (FR) options are also available.
  • Sure-Seal Clean-Cured EPDM Flashing
    A unique, seamless, non-reinforced membrane that is tough, durable, and resilient, expanding and contracting without weakening, tearing, or cracking, even in extreme environments.

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Carlisle Waterproofing Products

CCW-711-70 Pre-Pave Sheet Waterproofing

The woven mesh and elastomeric membrane of CCW pre-pave sheet waterproofing rolls is designed for use over the structural slabs of bridges and parking decks that will be overlaid with asphalt. This rubberized asphalt membrane can also be used to waterproof existing roadways before repaving, spanning moving cracks, and offering superior performance in extreme temperatures.

CCW-711-70 is used by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for waterproofing roadways, and to guard against cracking in the asphalt overlay that can lead to structural damage.

Barricoat Spray-Applied Waterproofing

This water-borne rubberized asphalt membrane features a blend of synthetic polymers and additives designed for use with spray equipment. Affordable and fast to apply, Barricoat provides instant resistance to rain wash off and reliable all-season application. Designed for waterproofing below-grade foundation walls and other vertical surfaces, it is ideal for delivering fast coverage to irregular surfaces and green concrete. Apply it via co-spray, 1-part spray, or roller to 60-mil dry thickness, sprayed in tandem with Barricure or calcium chloride solution.

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing Accessories

Carlisle also carries a range of accessories designed for use with their waterproofing products, including:

  • Primer
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Flashing
  • Protection board
  • Reinforcing fabric
  • Inside/outside corners
  • Expansion joints
  • Detailing tape

For more information, including technical specs on the Carlisle waterproofing product line, speak to a ProCoat building supply expert today.

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