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Adhesives Technology Epoxy Waterproof Coatings

The largest private label epoxy waterproof coatings manufacturer in the U.S., Adhesives Technology holds decades of field experience, from residential to heavy-duty construction. This expansive line of products, part of the ProCoat waterproofing line, offers a variety of adhesive blends to meet your anchoring, doweling, joint-filling, bonding, concrete repair, maintenance, and restoration, and general-purpose needs.

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Ensure Lasting Results with Adhesives Technology

Adhesives Technology provides the broadest range of adhesives and package sizes of any manufacturer, including:

General Purpose: Miracle Bond Adhesive
Miracle Bond rapid-cure, non-sagging epoxy adhesive can quickly bond most materials, hard-curing rapidly in just 3 hours. Use it to bond or fill cracks and spalls in wood, concrete, stone, brick, block, and more. Ideal for overhead or vertical repairs, and on damp surfaces. Miracle Bond Adhesive even works underwater! Apply Miracle Bond to dry tile, holding in place until tile tacks. Dispenses easily from a caulking gun or with capping paste and injection port for pressure injection.

Sealing: Crackbond JF Flexible Polyurea Sealant (formerly JF-311)
This two-part, rapid-curing polyurea sealant quickly and securely fills joints, saw cuts, and active cracks. Self-leveling and flexible, Crackbond JF keeps joints free of debris, providing a continuous surface. Use it for interior/exterior control joints and saw cut joints on horizontal surfaces, and to protect joint edges from spalling due to traffic. This solvent-free formula is ideal for moving cracks, and can also be used in exterior applications in locations with minimal joint movement from thermal cycling. For best results, Crackbond JF should be used to a maximum joint width of 3/4in and joint depth minimally 3-times the width in industrial, heavy-duty vehicular traffic applications.

Crack Repair: Crackbond LR-321 Injection & Gravity-Feed Repairs
The Crackbond LR-321 family of two-part epoxy adhesives are designed for concrete repairs. LR-321 and LR-321 LPL are self-leveling and ideal for the repair of fine to medium cracks. These low-viscosity formulas work well with gravity repairs or pressure injection. For medium blind-side repairs, however, look to LR-321 G. This thick, gel-like formula flows well under pressure, gelling after application. All are non-shrink and moisture-insensitive, bonding to fresh to hardened or hardened to hardened concrete, allowing for versatility in use.

Spall Repair: Crackbond CSR
Crackbond CSR self-leveling, rapid-cure polyurethane repairs spalls and cracks fast, returning concrete to use in just 60 minutes. Designed for use in industrial environments, in parking structures, and on bridges, for the rapid repair of hairline cracks, or mixed with aggregate for spalls. Available in an array of cartridge sizes, this low-viscosity formula quickly penetrates. Pair it with concrete powder pigments to easily camouflage repairs.

Adhesives Technology Rebar & Doweling Epoxies
The Ultrabond line of Adhesives Technology products offers solutions for rebar and doweling applications, including:

    • Ultrabond 1
      Ultrabond 1 two-part epoxy delivers exceptional strength for anchoring threaded rods and bolts, as well as rebar dowels into uncracked concrete, and grouting dowel and tie bars in full-depth concrete repairs. It resists wind, shear, and seismic forces, providing short and long-term tensile anchoring. Use this moisture-insensitive formula with fresh to hardened or hardened to hardened concrete
    • Ultrabond HS-200
      The application of Ultrabond HS-200 is much like Ultrabond 1. However, this high-strength, non-sag epoxy is approved for use by the Dept. of Transportation.
    • Ultrabond 1300
      When you need rapid setting, Ultrabond 1300 is the product of choice. DOT-approved, this moisture-insensitive epoxy provides 20 minutes of working time. It is compatible for use in damp environments, delivering fast, high-strength adhesion for threaded rod and rebar dowels.

Questions about the Adhesive Technology line or need help determining the best product for your application? Contact ProCoat Systems and talk to one of our building products professionals today.

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