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Euclid Chemical construction waterproofing solutions are revered for their innovation and high-quality. A world-leading manufacturer of specialty chemical products for concrete and masonry, the company is well-known for its Vandex waterproofing line, a revolutionary capillary active concrete waterproofing method favored in over 70 countries across the globe.

Why Choose Euclid Chemical Construction Waterproofing?

Euclid Chemical has been providing contractors, design professionals, and building materials suppliers industry-leading products, technologies, and support for over 100 years. Their ISO 9001 certified, quality waterproofing solutions ensure lasting finished results.

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Euclid Waterproofing

Euclid Chemical Waterproofing & Damp-Proofing

Cementitious Waterproofing & Damp-Proofing

Euclid cementitious construction waterproofing and damp-proofing solutions are designed for concrete and masonry applications, forming a tenacious bond to become an integral part of the substrate.

  • Concrete Finisher
    This highly durable Portland cement-based damp-proofing coating offers a decorative, breathable finish with a uniform surface texture and color. It is suitable for interior/exterior use, above and below-grade, eliminating the high-cost of hand-rubbed finishing.
  • Speed Plug
    A rapid-setting hydraulic cement compound used to stop running water or seepage instantly. This non-shrinking, non-metallic, non-corrosive formula arrives ready to use – just add water. It offers high-strength, controlled expansion that can be applied underwater. Available in multiple formulations, including those with standard 1 to 3-minute, longer 3 to 5-minute, and fast 45-second set times.
  • Tamoseal
    This cement-based, polymer-modified finish is a construction waterproofing that's decorative, as well. It provides durable, breathable, mildly flexible protection, sealing static cracks. It is compatible with interior/exterior use and NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified for use with potable water. Mix with AKKRO-7T or FLEX-CON acrylic admixture for use sealing vertical and light-duty horizontal surfaces.
  • Tamoseal Foundation Coating
    A cement-based finish specially designed for waterproofing the exterior surface of below-grade concrete and masonry. Ideal for filling and sealing pores and surface voids, it remains breathable. Tamoseal Foundation Coating is designed for positive-side use but can be applied to the negative side with low hydrostatic pressure when aesthetics are not a concern.
  • Tamms SBC
    Tamms SBC is a cement-based fiber-reinforced coating that delivers decorative, breathable waterproofing protection. This surface bonding cement can be trowel/spray applied, leveling and filling surface voids. It is flexible and strong, providing excellent resistance to cracking and weathering. Perfect for interior/exterior, above or below-grade use, and excellent for dry stack construction.

Crystalline Waterproofing & Damp-Proofing

  • Hey’Di K-11
    Hey’Di K-11 is a breathable, two-part, cement-based, polymer-modified crystalline waterproofing system. Brush/spray applied, it imparts a texture and consistency similar to concrete. Compatible for use below or above-grade on concrete, block, brick, and shotcrete for negative or positive-side waterproofing protection, this versatile formula works well for horizontal structural slabs, foundations and basements, tunnels, water reservoirs, sewage/water treatment, and more. Use with HEY’DI SB bonding agent to improve adhesion and flexibility, and reduce permeability.
  • Hey’Di Powder X System
    This crystalline construction waterproofing system is designed for sealing and stopping active leaks from hydrostatic pressure on negative side surfaces. It combines cementitious and silicate-based materials into a three-coat, two-component system, featuring a powder and a liquid dry powder that hardens when exposed to water. It is suitable for interior/exterior use, below-grade. Use with HEY’DI SEALING LIQUID (sold separately), which reacts with moisture and constituents in the substrate to form crystals, penetrating the capillaries of the substrate.
    NOTE: Not designed for use as a wearing surface; requires a protective coating on surfaces with heavy vehicle/foot traffic.

Asphaltic Waterproofing & Damp-Proofing

  • Dehydratine 75
    Dehydratine 75 is a VOC-compliant, water-based, solvent and asbestos-free, emulsified asphalt damp-proofing compound offering breathable protection, allowing water vapor to escape without blistering. Highly-effective, it is derived from colloidal, asphalt-based clay emulsions that utilize a water carrier. This flexible formula resists cracking with normal contraction and expansion. It is designed for use above and below-grade and can be trowel/spray applied safely to damp or green surfaces, as well as on fiberglass fabric, metal roofing, and other metals to guard against rust and corrosion.

Chemical Grouts for Waterproofing & Damp-Proofing

Solve problematic leaks in otherwise sound substrates with Euclid Chemical waterproofing grouts. Stop water infiltration, sealing leaking cracks and fractures in sound substrates, and stabilize earthen materials with these unique urethane technology-based formulations. Choose from hydrophobic or “water-fearing” grouts that repel water, pushing it out of the substrate or hydrophilic or “water-loving” grouts that absorb it, expanding and replacing it within the substrate.

  • Dural Aqua-Dam
    This hydrophobic polyurethane grouting system bonds to wet or dry substrates. Injected in concrete to stop water infiltration, it forms a tight seal within, remaining active even after water recedes. With superior elongation, it easily manages moving cracks and joints.
    NOTE: Control reaction time with DURAL AQUAACCELERATOR.
  • Dural Aqua-Dam 100
    The same benefits as Dural Aqua-Dam, packaged in a convenient single cartridge perfect for small jobs. (12-pack of 11-ounce cartridges per case).
  • Dural Aqua-Dam 200F
    The same benefits as Dural Aqua-Dam, packaged in convenient single cartridge perfect for small jobs. (A 6-pack of 22-ounce dual-cartridges per case.)
  • Dural Aqua-Dam LV
    When injected into hairline cracks, this low-viscosity hydrophobic polyurethane compound stops water infiltration.
    NOTE: Control reaction time with DURAL AQUAACCELERATOR.
  • Dural Aqua-Fil
    The only hydrophilic grout in the Euclid Chemical lineup, this single-component hydrophilic polyurethane compound consumes water in cracks and fissures. Injected into concrete to prevent water infiltration, it is an excellent solution for constantly wet environments, following the path of water into large cracks and tiny fissures within the substrate. It bonds to wet or dry substrates, forming a watertight seal with good chemical resistance and superior elongation for managing moving cracks and joints.
  • Dural Mud Lock
    This ultra-low viscosity hydrophobic polyurethane soil stabilizer solidifies and stabilizes a variety of unstable earthen areas. It reacts with ground moisture, encapsulating loose particles to form a solid, stable mass. It can also be applied topically to firm up trafficked areas. Dural Mud Lock is resistant to most common soil contaminants, freeze/thaw resistant and
    safe for the environment.
  • Dural Pump Rinse
    Use this non-flammable, non-corrosive, solvent-free injection pump cleaner to clear the lines of polyurethane injection pump equipment, or leave it in lines, using it as a primer.

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Euclid Waterproofing

Euclid Chemical Vandex Waterproofing

The Vandex construction waterproofing line is designed to stop water from penetrating concrete. A versatile chemical waterproofing solution, it can be used to produce new concrete that is impermeable to water, waterproof below-grade structures, refurbish and protect older buildings, and prevent the contamination of drinking water in concrete tanks.

Cementitious Vandex Waterproofing

  • Vandex BB 75
    Vandex BB 75 waterproof coating resists water and moisture while allowing water vapor to pass through the substrate. An engineered surface waterproof coating with hydrophobic properties, it has been tested to over 230 feet of hydrostatic pressure. Suitable for horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces, and NSF certified and ANSI Standard 61 approved for use with potable water, it can be brush/spray applied to positive or negative side of concrete/masonry.
  • Vandex Cemelast
    This elasticized surface waterproof coating with hydrophobic properties features a combination of CEMELAST LIQUID and VANDEX BB 75 powder. It allows for easier waterproofing to areas subject to cracking and minor movement. Vandex Cemelast resists water and moisture, allowing water vapor to pass through the substrate. It has been tested to over 50 feet of hydrostatic pressure and is suitable for positive side waterproofing on horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces.
  • Vandex Plug
    The Vandex Plug is a fast-setting hydraulic cement with crystalline properties. Use it to stop running water or seepage in masonry/concrete instantly. Ready to use, it requires only water to plug and seal active leaks, setting in just 45 seconds. Once set, additional Vandex waterproofing treatments may be immediately applied overtop of the Vandex plug.

Crystalline Vandex Waterproofing

  • Vandex Super & Super White
    These NSF certified chemical waterproofing treatments become an integral part of concrete through the crystallization process. Once the cementitious carrier is applied, crystal growth occurs, blocking capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks in the concrete to prevent water infiltration. These formulas allow vapor to pass through the substrate, providing monolithic, active coverage that is resistant to hydrostatic pressure. They require no special surface prep and are safe for green concrete. Suitable for positive or negative side waterproofing, providing concrete protection against saltwater, wastewater, groundwater, and damage from certain chemicals.

Joint & Crack Tape

  • Vandex Construction Joint Tape
    Vandex Construction Joint Tape features a 7-inch wide synthetic rubber “tape” covered in alkali resistant, flexible polyester fabric, which forms a web around edges. This waterproofing strip for static joints and cracks can be used with Vandex BB 75 and CEMELAST products to provide permanent waterproofing protection over static joints and cracks. It withstands hydrostatic pressure, is suitable for positive or negative side waterproofing, and can be applied to green concrete.

Ensure superior finished results that will last for years to come. Talk to a ProCoat Systems building supplies expert about Euclid Chemical construction waterproofing solutions today.

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