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Gaco Western has been a leading manufacturer of exceptional liquid waterproofing products for over 65 years. With roots in technology and product innovation and a trusted reputation in the construction industry, Gaco Western waterproofing and insulating products offer best-in-class solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

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Since its acquisition by Firestone Building Products Company, a leading provider of top-tier waterproofing, spray foam insulation, and silicone roofing systems in 2017, Gaco's product line has expanded. Now with even more options for customers, the combined portfolio of the companies provides building professionals a wider variety of innovative, cost-effective, labor-saving solutions.

Gaco Western liquid waterproofing products offer protection for a variety of horizontal and vertical applications, including concrete, metal, and plywood surfaces.

Gaco Liquid Waterproofing Below-Grade & Between-Slab

The Gaco waterproofing line delivers unsurpassed performance, creating a seamless, elastomeric membrane that provides a longer life cycle than many other materials. They are designed for durability because these out-of-sight applications must function without maintenance for many years, boasting a track record of over 45 years of successful applications.

  • GacoFlex LM60
    GacoFlex LM60 is a cold liquid-applied, 100% pure polyurethane, zero-VOC, solvent-free, and odorless formula designed for between-slab and below-grade use. It does not shrink or crack, withstanding challenging environments. Super-compliant, it is NSFI/ANSI 61 certified for use with potable water storage tanks. GacoFlex LM60 can be applied in a single application by spray, brush, trowel, or squeegee for a seamless finish. Available in chemically-compatible horizontal (GacoFlex LM60H) and vertical (GacoFlex LM60V) formulations.

Gaco Waterproofing Solutions for Green/Garden Roof & IRMA Systems

The primary function of every roof is to keep the structure beneath dry. Gaco Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA) roofing systems and garden/green roofs deliver peace-of-mind, keeping your building watertight, and allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits of a garden roof. As part of your green roofing system, Gaco waterproofing coatings help you increase the lifespan of a building, shielding it from damaging UV rays and temperature fluctuations. Covered in greenery, these systems also help reduce CO2 levels, decrease the heat island effect, lower heating and cooling costs, control stormwater runoff, improve air quality, and provide a safe habitat for beneficial birds and insects.

  • GacoFlex Garden Roof System
    Zero-VOC and solvent-free, Gaco polyurethane coatings for green roofs can be applied by roller or spray over most existing roofing materials, providing seamless waterproofing protection with no noxious fumes. Suitable for flat, low-slope, and vertical surfaces, they offer excellent durability up to 180F (with UV protective topcoat). NSFI/ANSI 61 certified for use with potable water, they are an excellent choice for use with rain barrels and reclaimed water irrigation.
  • GacoFlex LM60
    In green or garden roofing systems, GacoFlex LM60 keeps structures beneath dry, while safeguarding water supplies with NSF/ANSI 61 certified protection. Apply it in IRMA roofing systems for waterproofing protection, covering it with a layer of extruded polystyrene board for thermal insulation and protection against mechanical damage, followed by a layer of rock, pavers, or other material.

Gaco Accessories

Tackle trouble spots with ease with compatible Gaco waterproofing accessories:

  • Primers and sealers
  • Adhesives
  • Reinforcing mesh and texture tape
  • UV protectants
  • Water retention mats
  • Drainage mats
  • Root barriers
  • Filter fabric
  • And more..

Ensure the protection your building needs from basement to rooftop with Gaco Western liquid waterproofing products. Contact a ProCoat Systems building supplies expert today.

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