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Grace Waterproofing Products

Whether you are creating a new commercial building or integrating essential infrastructure, Grace Waterproofing from ProCoat offers a customized solution for your most complex waterproofing challenges. For the past 50 years, GCP Applied Technologies has been helping engineers and architects waterproof a wide-ranging variety of structures, offering an abundance of below & above-ground waterproofing solutions designed to improve building envelope performance in the world’s harshest climates.

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Pre-Applied Sheet Grace Waterproofing Membranes

Self-Adhesive Below-Grade Pre-Applied Membranes

    Prevent water migration between the membrane and structure in every direction, ensuring protection against damaging water, moisture, and gases such as methane, radon, and other chemicals. Made of a thick HDPE film, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and protective weather-resistant coating, Grace Waterproofing PREPRUFE sheet membranes are fast and easy to install. Simply position the roll, unspool it with a kick, and secure overlaps with PREPRUFE ZipLap quick-sealing adhesive, and you're done. It provides moisture protection and is traffic-ready immediately after application and is ideal for installations in harsh climates, requiring no special equipment, heat, or power.
  • PREPRUFE 200
    PREPRUFE 200 is designed for horizontal or vertical use below slabs or behind basement walls in confined sites. Composite sheets can be applied in wet, cold, and even rainy weather installing quickly with loosely laid, mechanically fastened laps. It offers both waterproofing and vapor barrier protection (MVER 0.11 lb/1000 ft2/24 hr ASTM F1869-98), making it the solution of choice for garages, plant rooms, utility-grade basements, tunnels, and as a vapor barrier for slabs with moisture-sensitive finishes such as wood.
  • PREPRUFE 250
    PREPRUFE 250 is specially designed for environments with low hydrostatic pressure or intermittent water conditions. Use it on below-grade foundation slabs and below-grade cast-in-place walls on confined sites, including garages, utility-grade basement, and plant room additions.
  • PREPRUFE 300R & 160R
    PREPRUFE 300R and 160R can be placed directly over prepared, compacted soil, forming a continuous bond to poured concrete that isolates the structure from surrounding ground. They are BBA-Certified for all basement grades and ideal for use on below-grade slabs or behind basement walls in confined areas. Both are impermeable (less than 0.1 Perms), chemical resistant, and guard against salt and sulfate infiltration.
  • PREPRUFE 300LT & 160LT
    PREPRUFE 300LT & 160LT are designed for low-temperature applications, featuring a release liner-free design for a more efficient, reliable installation. They are unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs and certified for all basement grades, forming a continuous bond to poured concrete, physically isolating the structure from the surrounding substrate to prevent water, vapor, and gas migration. These formulas are also chemical resistant, guarding against salt and sulfates.
    NOTE: Not for use in horizontal applications or with conventional twin-sided formwork.
  • PREPRUFE 300R Plus LT & 160R Plus LT
    PREPRUFE 300R Plus LT and 160R Plus LT feature a release liner-free design for a more efficient, reliable installation. They are unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs, and ideal for use below slabs or behind basement walls on confined sites. It forms a continuous bond to poured concrete, physically isolating the structure from the surrounding substrate to prevent water, vapor, and gas migration.
    Unlike non-adhering tunnel membranes, Grace Waterproofing PREPRUFE 400T bonds integrally to poured concrete, preventing the migration of water into your structure. This versatile film is compatible with all tunneling applications, including cut-and-cover, drill-and-blast, and bored-and-cut.
    PREPRUFE GMS prevents hazardous gas vapors from penetrating the foundation and other building structures and is designed for use below slabs or behind basement walls on confined sites.

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Post-Applied Sheet Waterproofing Membranes

Self-Adhesive Above & Below Grade Post-Applied Membranes

  • BITUTHENE 3000
    This cold-applied self-adhesive rubberized asphalt/polyethylene features RIPCORD integrated filament split-release on-demand for easy positioning in detailed areas. Use it for above grade plaza/parking decks, below-grade basement, tunnels, and other substructures when ambient temperatures are 40°F or above.
    NOTE: Use Grace Waterproofing BITUTHENE low-temperature membrane with ambient temperatures between 25-60°F.
  • BITUTHENE 4000
    BITUTHENE 4000 is a self-adhered rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane and surface conditioner. It features a strong but flexible pre-formed membrane of high-performance cross-laminated HDPE film with a tacky, self-adhesive rubberized asphalt compound, and water-based primer surface conditioner specially formulated to promote adhesion.

Fluid-Applied Above & Below Grade Post-Applied Membranes

    This trowel-grade, two-component, elastomeric, cold-applied liquid membrane chemically cures to a tough, rubberlike finish. Designed for use with Grace waterproofing systems it is ideal for use at inside corners, or as flashing around drains, curbs, protrusions, and parapets. Mix and use on-site for fast detailing and complete waterproofing coverage with PREPRUFE and PROCOR waterproofing products, and asphalt, coal-tar, silicone, and polyurethane sealants.

Post-Applied Sheet Grace Waterproofing Membranes

Self-Adhesive Below-Grade Post-Applied Membranes

    PREPRUFE 800PA features a synthetic non-asphaltic adhesive and high-performance HDPE film. It adheres aggressively to building surfaces, forming a strong, durable, elastomeric membrane that accommodates movement and resists punctures, tears, cracks, and peeling, providing protection against water and vapor. It is ideal for use on basement walls in open excavation. Used in conjunction with PREPRUFE pre-applied membranes, it provides complete, seamless, fully-integrated below-grade waterproofing protection. Sustainably made with Red List Free materials, it also meets Living Building Challenge (LBC) criteria.

Fluid-Applied Below-Grade Post-Applied Membranes

  • PROCOR Below-Grade
    PROCOR Below-Grade forms a continuous, fully-bonded elastomeric. It can be applied by airless spray or trowel in temperatures down to 20°F, curing to form resilient vapor and waterproofing protection. Asphalt-free, it is designed for suppleness and longevity in temps down to -23°F.

Self-Adhesive Above-Grade Post-Applied Membranes

  • BITUTHENE Deck Systems
    BITUTHENE Deck systems feature BITUTHENE 4000 waterproofing technology, combined with an integrated drainage system for superior performance. Cold-applied, the pre-formed sheets accommodate minor structural movement, making it the ideal waterproofing solution for inverted roofs, green roofs, and elevated decks.

Fluid-Applied Above-Grade Post-Applied Membranes

  • PROCOR Above-Grade
    This two-component, synthetic rubber, cold vulcanized, fluid-applied membrane can be cold-applied by airless spray or trowel in temperatures down to 20°F. It is ideal for imparting vapor and waterproofing protection to elevated decks, parking plazas, green roofs, inverted roofs, and easy to apply at drains, surrounding pipes, in corners. Asphalt-free for suppleness and longevity, it cures to form resilient, continuous, fully bonded elastomeric sheet when applied to structural concrete, masonry, and other substrates.

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New or Remedial Waterproofing – Fluid-Applied Membranes

Above & Below-Grade

    INTEGRITANK provides a simple solution to the challenges of waterproofing within the building envelope. Featuring unique advanced resin technology, this fully-reactive elastomeric system provides a tough, fully-bonded waterproofing membrane that is resistant to backfill, hydrostatic pressure, and long-term immersion in water. Cold spray applied, it makes simple work of even the most complex detailing. Two distinct color-coded coats ensure a seamless barrier. This barrier can be electrically tested to ensure continuous coverage and proper adhesion, aiding leak detection and repair. Ideal for roofs, balconies, decks, basement roofs, tunnels, and green concrete.


  • SILCOR 900HA
    Hand-apply this two-component membrane for seamless waterproofing coverage on new and existing elevated structural decks, split slabs, and green roofs. Ready for foot traffic 2-hours after application.
  • SILCOR 900MP
    This two-component formula is spray-applied, curing to form a high-strength, fully-bonded elastomeric membrane that is ready for foot traffic in just two minutes. Ideal for new and remedial waterproofing of structural decks, split slabs, and green roofs.
    DECSEAL guards against wear. Available in a variety of colors, this cold spray-applied formula is designed for use on parking garages and lots, and can be applied to green concrete, curing quickly for use within one hour. Flexible and lightweight, yet durable, it offers unlimited overcoating time for easier work phasing and can be partially/fully reinforced.


    This solvent-free formula is easily applied by spray, brush, roller, or squeegee.
    It is specially designed to extend the life of utility assets such as substations, water tanks, reservoirs, and sewage treatment facilities, fully bonding to concrete and steel. It is used in climates and industries across the globe for retention and exclusion of liquids, keeping potable water, sewage, and chemicals carefully contained.
    NOTE: Choose PERMARE EP for wastewater applications, and PERMARE EPW for potable water structures.

Bridge & Deck Waterproofing Solutions

    ELIMINATOR bridge deck waterproofing has an unparalleled track record, with thousands of successfully waterproofed structures worldwide, including concrete and steel bridge decks, piers, service ducts, and culverts. It offers a wide application temperature range, from -10°F to 120°F.
    NOTE: Use with GCP primers to promote adhesion or a tack coat for highway bridges.
    This 3-in-1 formula imparts lightweight, high-performance waterproofing protection, resists wear, and includes an anti-skid system. It is ideal for use on bridge decks and pedestrian areas, offering protection against water, frost, and chloride in the harsh bridge environment for lasting durability.

GCP Accessories

Ensure complete building envelope protection with GCP accessories compatible with your chosen product line, including:

  • Sealants
  • Grout
  • Tape
  • Mastic
  • Primer
  • Waterstops
  • Drainage mats

Protect your building or infrastructure with GCP Applied Technologies’ high-performance waterproofing products. Talk to a building supplies expert at ProCoat Systems today.

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