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Procoat Systems: Waterproofing

ProCoat - March 25, 2013

Procoat Systems WaterproofingHYDRO ACTIVE® Cut Hot Shot Cartridge is hydrophobic polyurethane that comes complete with cartridge, dasher rod and nozzle. It is designed to fill large voids such as rock fissures, gravel layers, joints/cracks in concrete structures and for the cut-off of gushing water with high pressure and speed.
• Sealing larger volume leaks thru concrete cracks and fissures
• Filling voids
• Stabilizing soil or gravel
• Tunneling applications
At ProCoat Systems, we carry polyurethane grouts that you can use on the go. Whether you’re in a pinch or you have a small job, the above kits will get the job done!
On the go De Neef Solutions!
Pipe Plug Kit is a unique product for sealing electrical conduits and other irregular annular spaces. It’s a self-contained kit that has everything you need to apply.
The kit holds rubber gloves, 16oz of Combi Grout, batting and Flex Cat Activator. The kit has enough material to seal the inside of a 4” diameter pipe
• Free foam expansion 15 times initial volume
• No volatile solvents & Non-Flammable
• No measuring needed.
• Used for Electrical Conduits and Filling Irregular Spaces

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